Kevin Hart and Nick Cannon to host Celebrity Prank Wars show

Television personalities Kevin Hart and Nick Cannon will elevate their well-known friendly rivalry to a higher level through the amusing and entertaining competition show called Celebrity Prank Wars.

This hilarious series will debut on E! Africa (DStv channel 124) on 2 July at 7.05pm (South African Standard Time).

‘The ultimate Prank War victor’

Prepare for an intense battle as celebrities engage in a series of pranks, triggering a chain of retaliations.

In each episode, famous individuals will devise and execute outrageous pranks on one another, while hosts Nick Cannon and Kevin Hart determine the ultimate Prank War victor.

With each prank surpassing the previous one in complexity, expect unexpected surprises, embarrassing scenarios, and shocking revelations.

Celebrities would be wise to remain vigilant in the presence of these mischievous pranksters.

Kevin Hart and Nick Cannon. Picture: Supplied.

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Celebrity participants

The lineup of celebrity participants in Celebrity Prank Wars includes Anthony Anderson, Brie Garcia, Nikki Garcia, Lil Duval, Big E, Fantasia, Tiffany Haddish, Taraji P. Henson, Lil Jon, Kofi Kingston, Ludacris, Joel McHale, Killer Mike, Chance The Rapper, T-Pain, Robin Thicke, T.I., and Xavier Woods.

Produced by Hartbeat and NCredible, the show has Kevin Hart, Nick Cannon, Kevin Healey, Luke Kelly-Clyne, Mike Stein, Bryan Smiley, Thai Randolph, Jeff Clanagan, Michael Goldman, and Ben Sumpter serving as Executive Producers.

Kevin Hart tour to SA

In February, Kevin Hart embarked on his highly anticipated Reality Check tour in South Africa. The tour generated significant demand, with local fans eagerly anticipating Hart’s return to the country since 2016.

The comedian received a warm reception from the locals, even earning himself a local name, Mpho.

Furthermore, Kevin Hart’s movies have achieved remarkable success at the box office, accumulating a global revenue exceeding $4.23 billion.

Kevin Hart’s reaction to Will Smith slap

A whole year has passed since the widely talked-about incident at the Oscars when Will Smith controversially slapped Chris Rock on stage. Even now, the incident remains a polarising topic of discussion among many.

While the public has shared numerous opinions on the matter, several celebrities have also expressed their views. One notable figure to weigh in on the issue is Kevin Hart, who happens to be close friends with both Smith and Rock.

According to Cinemablend, Hart offered his genuine perspective on the slap incident and emphasised how the world should approach the situation at this stage.

“People make mistakes, and from mistakes they should be allowed time to fucking recover. And that this is no longer the world’s problem, it’s Will and Chris’s problem. Let them deal with that.

“The world should step out of it and let them recover… Let Will recover from it. Let Chris get back to work as normal.

“Let two men be men and figure that out if they choose to. If they do, they do. If they don’t, they don’t, said Hart.

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Shein ‘Uses Fabric Linked to Uyghur Slave Labor’

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) sent a letter to fellow lawmakers on Thursday encouraging congressional efforts to implement American anti-slavery laws against Shein, a Chinese “fast fashion” company that “steals intellectual property, infringes copyrights, exploits U.S. trade law, and uses fabric linked to Uyghur slave labor.”

Shein is an online retailer that sells clothing primarily targeted toward young female consumers at extremely cheap prices. Recent reports estimate the company to be worth $66 billion, and it dominates the American “fast fashion” market, representing about half of all sales in that sector in America, according to recent remarks at a hearing held by the Congressional-Executive Commission on China (CECC).

The company has faced a barrage of criticism and outrage, from accusations by the Mexican government of stealing traditional Mayan designs to accusations of using Uyghur slaves in its supply chains.

Following the implementation of the Uyghur Forced Labor Protection Act (UFLPA) last year, authored by Sen. Rubio, companies importing products into America are forbidden from importing items from occupied East Turkistan, the indigenous territory of the Uyghur people, on the grounds that all items from East Turkistan are presumed to have been produced by slave labor. Companies can override the ban by offering definitive proof of the integrity of their supply chains.

Customs inspections for items from East Turkistan do not apply to packages worth less than $800, known as de minimis shipments. As Shein sells directly to consumers, most of its packages fall far under that limit and escape inspection. The average Shein package is worth $11.

“A strategy for circumventing enforcement of the UFLPA might be to break up a shipment that is clearly subject to all reporting requirements into multiple de minimis packages. And companies are doing just that,” Anasuya Syam, the human rights and trade policy director for the Human Trafficking Legal Center, told Congress in April.

“On November 20, 2022, Bloomberg reported that Xinjiang [East Turkistan] cotton was found in apparel shipped by fast fashion giant Shein to U.S. consumers, based on the results of a laboratory test.”

In the face of growing scrutiny, Shein has launched a public relations campaign that hired high-powered Washington lobbyists to ingratiate itself with the American public and American politicians. Sen. Rubio wrote to his colleagues in anticipation of this campaign.

“Shein is hiring D.C. lobbyists to protect the trade loopholes that allow it to avoid accountability. No one should be fooled by Shein’s efforts to cover its tracks,” the senator wrote.

Noting that Shein dominates competition through low prices and the sheer variety of its inventory, Sen. Rubio remarked, “Shein is able to offer this array of products at rock-bottom prices not because of any particular competitive advantage, but because it steals intellectual property, infringes copyrights, exploits U.S. trade law, and uses fabric linked to Uyghur slave labor.”

The senator noted reports that independent testing on Shein cotton products found cotton from East Turkistan, where China uses Uyghur slaves to pick cotton. Despite this, American customs officials rarely, if ever, block Shein shipments because they are so low in value.

“Shein ships small packages direct-to-consumer using a trade loophole known as de minimis entry. Shein abuses this entry category to avoid customs duties and inspections on its unethically produced products,” Sen. Rubio wrote. “Shein’s exploitation of de minimis entry prevents scrutiny under UFLPA, cheats taxpayers of customs revenue, and undercuts American competitors that play by the rules.”

He continued:

Shein knows its reputation is toxic, so now it is taking steps to clean up its image ahead of a potential initial public offering in the United States. It hired lobbyists from the firms Akin Gump and Hobart Hallaway and Quayle to protect its tax and trade loopholes. It relocated its headquarters from China to Singapore to escape scrutiny as a Chinese company, although its fabrics and garments are still made in China.

“Shein is even touting its own ‘third-party analyses,’ which found that only some of its cotton comes from Xinjiang,” he wrote. “This study amounts to an admission of guilt, yet incredibly, Shein presents it as evidence of good corporate citizenship.”

Sen. Rubio concluded in a call to other senators to help “urgent efforts to hold accountable Shein and other companies that are complicit in genocide.”

China is currently engaging in a campaign of genocide against Uyghurs, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz people, and other Turkic minorities in occupied East Turkistan, in addition to implementing ethnic cleansing policies in occupied Tibet and Inner Mongolia. As part of this campaign, the Communist Party imprisoned as many as three million people in concentration camps, a process believed to have begun in 2017. Survivors of the camps have testified to being subject to a wide variety of atrocities, including forced sterilization, beatings, communist indoctrination, gang rape, rape using electric devices, and witnessing rape, killings, and infanticide. Many have denounced Beijing for subjecting them to slavery.

Watch: Uyghur Muslims Protest Against the Chinese Government

Penny Starr / Breitbart News

The Chinese government allows the open sale of Uyghur slaves on its highly regulated internet in “batches of 50 to 100 people.” Human rights groups have documented some ending up working in factories nationwide; many stay in East Turkistan, forced to pick cotton. According to the 2020 Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) report Uyghurs for Sale, suppliers across China use Uyghur slaves to manufacture items in the supply chains of at least 83 internationally known companies, including Nike, Nintendo, BMW, and Apple.

Related — Uyghur Rights Group Spox: Companies That Act “Very Woke” Are Profiting from “Modern-Day Slavery”

While Beijing denies the genocide in general and enslaving Uyghurs in particular, the Communist Party does concede that the concentration camps, which it dubbed “vocational and education training centers,” did put people to work. Chinese officials claim the objective of the concentration camps was to give Uyghurs job skills that would give them an advantage in the modern Chinese economy.

The Chinese Communist Party’s denials have done little to ease concerns about the Uyghur genocide in the face of extensive evidence of ongoing abuses. Ongoing calls to regulate companies such as Shein to protect American consumers from buying slave-made products are likely behind Shein’s new charm offensive, which, as Sen. Rubio noted, featured testing of its cotton products that actually found East Turkistani cotton in its garments.

According to Politico, Shein hired Oritain, the industry standard in fabric DNA testing, to identify the origin of its cotton products. Oritain found East Turkistani cotton but said the company largely complies with responsible cotton sourcing given the small amount of its cotton that tested positive for originating in East Turkistan. Shein claims only four percent of its inventory sold in America is made of cotton, and most of its clothing is made with synthetic fabrics, which companies like Oritain cannot analyze as accurately.

Politico noted Shein denied that its synthetic fabrics come from East Turkistan, which is irrelevant given abundant reporting that China sells Uyghur slaves online to factories around the country.

Shein also published a corporate roadmap, titled “EvoluSHEIN,” in June “dedicated to creating opportunities for all stakeholders to access their full potential, anchored in integrity, inclusivity and respect for all.”

The roadmap heavily focuses on environmental concerns, from the mass production of synthetic material to “equitable empowerment” for consumers.

Watch: Uyghur Woman Says She Doesn’t Know Whether Her Relatives Are Alive or Dead

Kurt Zindulka / Breitbart News

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10 albums to soundtrack your summer

Summer has crept upon us once more – days are getting longer, temperatures are climbing, and beer gardens are overflowing. But with the sunny season comes the need for an equally sunny soundtrack.

As Jim Morrison is quoted as stating, “Summer is a good time for songs. When it’s real warm, if you have a sense of freedom, not a lot on your mind, and a feeling that there’s plenty of time, it just seems to be a good climate for music”, and it is hard to disagree with that sentiment. The airiness of the season, the more free time and daylight it allows us, seems to bring an openness to and appreciation for new music. Finding the right playlist can even enhance the radiance of summer and form bonds between fond memories and specific songs.

While good music is good music all year round, some albums lend themselves to the sea and sun. Whether it’s euphoric electronica to fuel festival season or ambient background music to push through the 9-5 before finally grabbing a pint in the sun, some music becomes all the more vivid and nostalgic from June to August. Soft, guitar-focused indie rock can conjure up memories of the beach, and mellow rap can provide the perfect musical accompaniment for days spent catching rays.

We’ve collated a list of our favourite albums to brighten up your playlist this summer, from electronic records by Jamie XX and The Avalanches to an obscure LP by Indian singer Rupa to the Talking Heads new wave classic Speaking In Tongues

Check out our top ten list of sun-drenched albums to soundtrack the season below. 

10 albums to soundtrack your summer: 

Jamie XX – In Colour 

In 2015, electronic producer Jamie XX released his effortlessly cool debut solo album, In Colour. Almost a decade into his work with indietronica outfit The xx, the album saw Jamie XX push further into the electronic sphere, experimenting with samples and genre. Produced in collaboration with Four Tet and with features from The xx collaborator Romy and Young Thug, the LP was an instant hit. It received a nomination for the Mercury Prize as well as a Grammy nomination for best electronic album.  

With influences from rave and house, Jamie XX blends hazy electronic production with steel drums, old samples and dreamy vocals to conjure up that sweet nostalgic feeling summer brings around. ‘I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)’ includes a sample from The Persuasions’ 1972 track ‘Good Times’, while ‘Loud Places’ samples another summery anthem in ‘Could Heaven Ever Be Like This’ by Idris Muhammad. Jamie XX expertly blends borrowed samples with modern electronic production, forging the perfect nostalgia-fuelled summer dance album. 

The Avalanches – Since I Left You

From one sample-heavy debut album to another, The Avalanches’ 2000 release Since I Left You is another masterpiece in dance music. The Australian duo sample everything from skits by comedy duo Wayne and Shuster in ‘Frontier Psychiatrist’ to the piano on ‘Aliens Fighting Robots’ by Mac Miller on ‘Flight Tonight’. ‘Little Journey’ even samples Madonna’s ‘Holiday’. 

Each song blends smoothly into the next, and The Avalanches repeat the same samples and sounds throughout the runtime, making the album feel coherent and familiar. It’s so seamless that it passes by in a blur, mimicking hazy sunny days. Sonically, the record is a mix of sparkling disco, sunny psychedelia and danceable beats. It’s a record full of fun and innovation, an introduction to a whole new world of music, and a reliable soundtrack for every summer. 

Talking Heads – Speaking In Tongues

Talking Heads’ fifth studio album, Speaking In Tongues, saw the band move into more experimental territory with their sound, bringing in elements of funk combined with nonsense lyrics and playful percussion. It’s one of their liveliest albums, featuring hits ‘Burning Down The House’ and ‘This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)’, the latter of which could be considered a summer staple. A love song at its core, the iconic track contains playful synths and a longing for home. 

But amidst the hits are a number of album-only tracks that are more than qualified to soundtrack your summer. Tracks like ‘Girlfriend Is Better’ and ‘Moon Rocks’ are perfect for a post-punk summer, featuring quirky synths and Byrne’s talky vocals.  

Rupa – Disco Jazz

Disco Jazz is an album with a story just as interesting as its music. In the 40 years since Indian singer Rupa released it in 1982, unbeknownst to her and her family, the record gained cult popularity, and copies of the physical record would go for hundreds online. The record found its way from a record store in India to the depths of the internet. Caribou even played the track in DJ sets. Numero Group eventually reissued the album in 2019 to a sea of waiting fans.

Despite its title, Disco Jazz was described as a halfway point between Bollywood and Balearic upon its re-release. Standout track ‘Aaj Shanibar’ is eight minutes of pure summery goodness, with Rupa’s airy vocals, groovy bass and rhythm sections, and an irresistible charm. 

A Tribe Called Quest – The Low End Theory

A Tribe Called Quest’s groundbreaking second studio album, The Low End Theory, is a melting pot of jazz, alternative hip-hop and bass. It received huge critical acclaim and has often been included in lists of the best albums of all time. 

With playful snares and sax, effortless vocal interaction between Q-Tip and Phife Dawg, and consistently smooth production, the album is the perfect accompaniment for serene days in the sun. The album’s second single, ‘Jazz (We’ve Got)’, is a particular highlight, while ‘Scenario’ provides a slightly more upbeat example of their call-and-response style. 

El Michels Affair – Yeti Season

Following the release of a number of tribute albums to the likes of Wu-Tang Clan, El Michels Affair released their third original studio album Yeti Season in the spring of 2021. The album sees them move away from hip-hop to summery Turkish-inspired psychedelia. Opening track ‘Unathi’ sees the group collaborate with Piya Malik, who appears throughout the album, a marriage that proves to serve the record well. Malik’s mesmerising vocals float above Leon Michels’ instrumentals, dancing around their unpredictability with ease.

Despite its name, Yeti Season is intrinsically a summer album. Michels told Rolling Stone: “I’ll probably never make another record like this, I like the idea of El Michels Affair becoming just an outlet to do different shit and weird shit and stuff that interests me.” 

Pearl Charles – Magic Mirror

It’s a bold statement to make, but Americana singer-songwriter Pearl Charles is the closest thing we have to ABBA in the modern day – and how much more summery can you get than ‘Mamma Mia’? Charles’ second studio album, Magic Mirror, is a shimmering indie-pop record following themes of modern dating, imposter syndrome, and summer loving. 

‘Sweet Sunshine Wine’ is perhaps the most obviously sun-drenched of the tracks, an endearing love song full of idealism about “a new love in the summertime”, while the opening track ‘Only For Tonight’ is Pearl at her most ABBA, with striking piano notes and wobbly synths. Magic Mirror is an album to soundtrack summer nights, and summer loves. 

Splashh – Comfort

Hackney-based indie band Splash released their debut album in 2013, an optimistic take on shoegaze mixed with electronic and psychedelic influences á la Sweet Trip. Splashh came up amidst a revolution of summery indie amongst the likes of DIIV and Swim Deep, they supported Peace in the early 2010s, but Comfort remained one of the more niche releases in the genre.

In just over half an hour, the record provides a compact slice of summer. With tracks about vacationing, lemonade, and sitting by the pool, its lyrics and vocal style are intrinsically sunny. But the album retains some subtlety, drowning its vocals in fuzzy, psych guitars. The album compiles a number of Splashh’s early demos – it’s endearingly raw and lo-fi, transporting you back to the summers of a decade ago. 

Mort Garson – Mother Earth’s Plantasia 

Mort Garson’s Mother Earth’s Plantasia came with a tagline that perfectly encapsulates the album’s sound; it stated: “warm earth music for plants… and the people who love them”. The 1976 early experimental electronic record used a Moog synthesizer and was released as part of a campaign for a houseplant shop in Los Angeles. The album has since gained success in underground online music circles and was reissued in 2019. 

The instrumental album is 30 minutes of pure joy for plants and people alike, a montage of warm and comforting synths that form the perfect ambient soundtrack for summer gardening. The LP even comes with a download code embedded with wildflower seeds and a booklet about how to take care for plants. 

Gorillaz – Demon Days

In the summer of 2005, Damon Albarn’s virtual band Gorillaz released their second album, Demon Days, to great critical acclaim. The album combines influences from hip-hop and trip-hop alongside features from summer staples MF Doom, the Happy Mondays’ Shaun Ryder, and De La Soul. 

Its themes cover everything from the dangers of oil mining to a time Albarn’s daughter’s classmate brought a knife to school. But sonically, the album is fun – politicised lyrics are paired with dark pop grooves that make you feel infinitely cooler just for listening to them. It’s an undefinable amalgamation of influences, features, and sounds and the perfect album to accompany nighttime summer drives.

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‘I played bad classical music because the male composer was famous’

Can you name five male composers? Most likely, yes: Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms. 

Can you name five female composers? Most likely not.

Cellist Héloïse Luzzati fights this predicament by bringing female composers back into the spotlight. 

She began playing cello aged five at the conservatory in Le Mans (Sarthe). She continued her training at the Conservatoire in Paris, where she started to question why the place was so… male.

From the classical music she learned, to her teachers and conductors, at recording studios and in orchestras, her world revolved around men. 

Youtube channel, record label and festival

The Covid period gave her the time to look for the female composers whose stories had been left out of history books. 

Her research drove her to create La boîte à pépites, a YouTube channel dedicated to showcasing the music of female composers as well as providing a six-minute biography for each woman. 

The opening sentences of this article were borrowed from La boîte à pépites.

From success on YouTube, she kept the momentum going by founding the association Elles – Women Composers, a record label also called La boîte à pépites and the upcoming fourth edition of Un Temps pour Elles festival (from June 10 to July 9). 

All these ventures put female composers in the spotlight. But it is still an uphill battle. 

Only 4% of composers played in concerts are female, and only 8% of orchestra conductors are women. 

Ms Luzzati is surprised how even female composers themselves are unaware of the existence of their historical counterparts.

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It took 25 years for you to see that men dominate classical music. What was your ‘eureka moment’?

I can’t really pinpoint a ‘eureka moment’, but rather that it was an accumulation of small things, one after another. 

So for example, sitting in an orchestra and playing bad classical music that requires lots of money to release and record, simply because the male artist is a household name. The music does not justify this.

I started to ask myself how is it female composers never get booked? Could we not do better? Why is it never women? This was my analysis as a professional player.

Before turning pro, when I was still a student at the Conservatoire de Paris, I never played compositions by women. There was this impression of being educated by men only. 

I have nothing against men, but I think a bit of diversity here and there is essential. 

When I recorded my first film scores, we were directed by men, playing music by men. It felt like something was being taken away from me.

Do you think it hindered your training in classical music history? 

Absolutely. This is why it has become a lifelong quest. 

This is both a personal journey to feed my curiosity and a process of historical compensation. I feel that what I record is useful and has added value. 

This is an artistic process, but also involves being willing to share, to reach a wider audience, and to reveal a history that has been suppressed.

Then came the association… 

In fact the boîte à pépites YouTube channel came first, during the Covid lockdown. 

Never would have I expected that it would then lead to founding an association, a label and several editions of a festival…

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It seems like you uncovered a long-forgotten labyrinth of talent…

I am not the first one, in all modesty. 

My strength is my ability to put these composers’ work into the spotlight. 

The association can then get to work on everything else. This includes researching potential music to promote, made possible because of our musicians’ instinct to discover good music.

Then came the record label and the festival, which put our work on an international stage.

Have you noticed a particular way in which women compose classical music?

There is no such thing as different female or male composition styles.

But I have to admit that sometimes I think that if a certain male composer had been a woman, his composition would have been classed ‘feminine music.’ 

I sometimes feed that cliché myself, both as a composer and as a performer. 

People come up to me at festivals to say that if they had closed their eyes, they would have thought I was a man, because I have a ‘masculine type of playing.’ 

These are baseless, meaningless interpretations.

Can you explain to our readers why female composers have been erased from history?

Classical music was written by men, as was history. Women have been erased from this history. 

Secondly, classical music is the least diverse art form because it requires an intermediary. 

By that I mean anyone can pick up a book and read it. A painting is seen and interpreted. A sheet of classical music, however, needs someone able to read it and play it. And if that music is not recorded, how can people later assess it and form opinions about it? 

No recording equals no participation in the history of classical music.

I often use the example of the French composer Louise Farrenc (1804 – 1875), who had an outstanding classical music career. Her music was recorded and played. She deserved an entry in the Dictionary of Music and Musicians that reflected her success, only to end up with “teacher at the conservatoire”, eight years after she died. 

Why did she disappear? Because she could no longer defend her legacy. The same goes for many women.

When I interviewed composer Zahia Ziouani in 2022, she told me only 4% of orchestra leaders were women, around the same percentage for female composers’ work being programmed…

It has improved, reaching 8% recently. 

What is outstanding about Ms Ziouani is that festival programmers can no longer ignore her, since she is living proof that women have earned their stripes. 

In my case, it is slightly more complicated because what I’m trying to do requires time, conviction, confidence, recording, and a lot of money. 

For Ms Ziouani, because of her public success, any issue can be resolved in a much shorter time.

Read more: French conductor Zahia Ziouani fights inequality with classical music

You are a cellist. Do you consider yourself to be a historian too?

Historian is too big a word. A researcher would be more fitting. I love research and have spent my life digging up new music.

So, if I’m in Paris, there is a high chance that I’ll find you in the Bibliotheque nationale de France (BnF)?

Kind of, yes. In fact the association partnered with the BnF for next season, with concerts organised using women composers’ funds from the BnF. 

I am very excited and proud about this project. It will represent the fruit of our daily work, in the most passionate, fantastic way.

Read more: France’s stunning national library is a reader’s paradise open to all

How can our readers help you to find new music?

I love this question! If readers have women composers in their lineage and do not know how to put their work into the spotlight, it is our duty and desire to help.

Our first collection, a compilation of work by Charlotte Sohy, came from the descendants of a composer. 

The sheet music was not even in library collections. Everything came from private resources, just like our next CD. 

So, I implore anyone with a female composer in their family history to please come forward.

Visit YouTube channel LaBoiteaPepites and

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San Francisco’s Safeway in the Fillmore District

Neighbors of the Webster Street location of Safeway in San Francisco are apparently losing sleep over the local grocer. It seems that the grocery store megachain has taken to bumping classical music in its parking lot for 24 hours a day, for at least a week, to “deter loitering,” SFGATE reports. The music is being broadcast by the store’s mobile surveillance unit, which neighbors say is “making the area a terrible place to sleep for the night.”

As SFGATE points out, this was most likely implemented as an anti-homeless measure, something that’s been deployed in other areas like the Los Angeles Metro as well as a Market Street location of Burger King in 2016. Safeway, in a statement, said the security unit monitors parking lot activity through surveillance cameras and that the classical music is meant to deter loitering, underlining that this is “a common industry practice.” For now, Supervisor Dean Preston has stepped in to reach out to Safeway about the volume and duration of the music.

Head to Spain with this popular San Francisco wine bar

Rather than spending time planning your European vacation this fall, let San Francisco’s El Lopo be your guide. The wine bar is extending an invite for friends and customers to tag along on their staff trip to Spain in October, where one can expect only the best eating and drinking outings around (presumably). El Lopo posted details on the itinerary via its website, which includes stops in Madrid, Rias Baixas, Sevilla, and Sanlúcar de Barrameda, among other cities.

Shared Cultures seeking new production building

Bay Area miso darling Shared Cultures outfitted Bay Area chefs and restaurants with its unique style of small-batch misos and tamari since its start in 2020. But now it seems the couple behind the brand is asking for leads on a new space for their business, as they are among six tenants being asked to leave their current building within 60 days. In a second post on Instagram, they clarified their business needs, which include a space zoned for manufacturing that is about 3,000 square feet.

New California additions to the Michelin Guide

On June 6, another round of new restaurants was added to Michelin’s California dining guide. Ten restaurants spanning Southern California, including Los Angeles, Santa Monica, San Diego, and Orange County, were named as “new” on the guide. It makes sense that Tuesday’s announcement skewed heavily SoCal as it follows the addition of 19 Bay Area restaurants back in May, along with Korean restaurant Bansang added to the guide back in March. Michelin Stars, Bib Gourmands, and other awards from Michelin are set to be announced at a July 18 ceremony at the Chabot Space & Science Center in Oakland.

Oh, and ICYMI…

A small gathering of chefs and restaurants happened in Chicago last night. Some awards were given out. But none went to the Bay Area, if you care about that sort of thing.

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Guru’s Weekly Buzz: June 9-15

Guru By Bangkok Post’s pick of the most exciting products, activities, food and travel deals to indulge in.


Pride collection / Swatch

Swatch knows how to celebrate Pride Month in style. This year, the Swiss watchmaker rolls out a vivid series of wristwatches that takes a design note from the pride flag. Each New Gent model appears in one of the bold colours that make up the iconic flag, complemented by a minute hand engraved with each shade’s meaning; think red for “life”, orange for “healing”, yellow for “sunlight” and green for “nature”. Cleverly and subtly making a statement is the watch’s symmetrical seconds hand symbolising equality. Among other pride-themed watches, the violet colour, dubbed “spirit”, is Swatch Pay!-enabled, allowing wearers to make contactless payments by simply flicking their wrists. It costs B350 extra than the regular models, which are priced at B3,000. Go to

‘The Little Mermaid’ collection / Pandora 

Equally buzzing with the excitement of Pride Month is Disney’s live-action remake of “The Little Mermaid” — and the latest brand to put its spin on the trend is Pandora. Dive into this whimsical underwater tale through a jewellery collection that pays homage to the story’s most iconic characters: Princess Ariel, Sebastian and Ursula. Comprising charms, rings and earrings, the highlight includes the golden seashell charm that can attach to a necklace chain to resemble Ariel’s magical shell necklace received from Ursula when she traded her voice for human legs. Check out

Pride manifesto / Leisure Projects

Leisure Projects weaves the story of the Irish playwright Oscar Wilde in its pride collection, dubbed “Pride Manifesto”. The green carnation takes centrestage, channelling the iconic queer flower through print designs and floral colour-wise as a nod to the symbol of liberation in the Victorian period — where Wilde and a handful of his friends wore the distinctive flower, which subtly hints that you’re into men, on their lapels to the premiere of his comedy Lady Windermere’s Fan in 1892. The transmen artist and drag queen Gigi Ferocious, alongside androgyny models, are joined on the photoshoot while sharing their journey of self-expression on the video campaign. See and shop 

New collection / Bally

Swiss luxury brand Bally is reopening its retail space at Emporium Department Store with a new design. The warm, ambience-led space features the new Bally logo, showcasing men’s and women’s ready-to-wear and accessories. Inspired by Swiss luxury, the new vision translates into neutral colour palettes, setting the scene for a mix of organic and contemporary furniture styles, which are artfully balanced with contemporary design touches. The Bally Spring/Summer 2023 collection is also in the store. The visual language in the collection is an emerging and evolving Swiss elegance in the context of modern luxury. Bold printed leather, classic tailoring, striking evening wear and washed denim all serve as highlights. Visit

Capsule collection / Cos

In celebration of queer club culture and the safer spaces they provide, this Pride, Cos presents a limited-edition T-Shirt capsule featuring unique designs created with four iconic club experiences worldwide; Horse Meat Disco, House of Yes, Sink The Pink and Churros con Chocolate, continuing to support LGBTQIA+ communities internationally so that everyone can feel respected, safe, and seen. Embodying the creativity and individuality of each collaborator, international music festival headliners, Horse Meat Disco’s T-shirt features a bold and colourful disco design representing the community coming together through the love of disco and dancing, while New York-based House of Yes, a space dedicated to connection and creativity, offers a powerful heart-shaped design with interconnected lines to represent love while creating something unique and beautiful. Alongside this, legendary UK collective and advocates of self-expression, Sink The Pink, share a playful Queen of Club’s design — a beautiful representation of their legacy, and Spain’s festival of fun, Churros con Chocolate, recreate their iconic poster designs, which illustrate dress-up and their flamboyant guests. The collection will be in stores at Siam Paragon, EmQuartier and Iconsiam, as well as online at


Edible wellness market / Patom Organic Living / June 10-11

Thong Lor’s Patom Organic Living has joined forces with World Animal Protection Thailand to host the “Edible Wellness” market this weekend. The peaceful garden at the café will come alive with laughs and conversations shared by Mike Yang of Kindness, a food tech startup, and Sirilak “Jung” Mahachanthanaporn, a health guru and owner of juice-delivery Pukpun, with a live band amping up the ambience. Expect activities and vendors that let you experience an “edible wellness” lifestyle. Join them at 

Asai Play Art Fest / Asai Bangkok Chinatown / Until June 15

Asai Bangkok Chinatown, is not holding back in setting the stage for an art fest. “Asai Play Art Fest” returns for the second edition until June 15, presented with the concept of “All about eARTh”. Discover artworks by 28 emerging artists displayed in hotel rooms, showcasing upcycling and sustainable designs, with a highlight including a gigantic lantern made from recycled sacks exhibited in the hotel’s courtyard along with mesmerising light mapping. Get a seat at workshops like watercolour and paper art classes, while the Play Around market this weekend is where you can explore an array of artworks and crafts, as well as food from Jam Jam. Tickets at

Journey to Healing / Stoned & Co. Thailand / June 10

Fashion, food and wellness brand Stoned & Co. Thailand is collaborating with Sound Of Santi to  celebrate Global Wellness Day by hosting a full-day event. If you’re looking for me-time, there are a series of  activities to take part in. Think of a CBD yoga class for B600 per person, combing the benefits of CBD oil with yoga and a five-sense sound bathing session with Sound Of Santi and Karmafly for B1,800 per person. At the sesh, you’ll experience deep relaxation by immersing yourself in the healing frequency. Unleash your inner artist at a fluid art paint bar with dinner for B1,990 and groove through the soulful music by DJs till late. Visit

Exquisitely Yours Wedding Fair / St. Regis Bangkok / June 17-18

The “Exquisitely Yours Wedding Fair” will be a two-day event in The St. Regis Bangkok’s Astor Ballroom from 11am-7pm on June 17-18. Attendees will experience the fully-decorated Astor Ballroom with floor-to-ceiling windows facing the picturesque Royal Bangkok Sports Club. Couples can meet with photographers, photo booth providers and light and sound professionals. Exclusive privileges are available with a minimum spend of B650,000 nett, including a complimentary night for two Deluxe Rooms. Couples with a minimum spend of B550,000 nett receive complimentary light and sound decoration fees. Couples can relish an exclusive pre-wedding experience at a special price from Longevity Hub by Clinique La Prairie from Switzerland. Engagement ceremony packages starts from B90,000 nett for 50 guests and B99,000 nett for an engagement Thai wedding ceremony. Call 02-207-7777, email or visit

Cancer Care Charity Fun Run / Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui / June 24

Run, jog or walk to raise awareness and funds for cancer research with the Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui and The Thai Red Cross Society at the “Cancer Care Charity Fun Run” on June 24. The event will begin at Nathon Pier, Koh Samui, with all proceeds going to the Cancer Research Centre at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital in Bangkok. Registration begins at 6am on the day, followed by a group warm-up, before the event kicks off at 7am. Donations to participate are B500 per person, including an event t-shirt, breakfast box and a chance to win prizes in the lucky draw.  Call 077-243-000 or email

EDM Fight Night /  So/ Bangkok / June 10

S0/ Bangkok will host the “EDM Fight Night”, elevating the very well-known original SO Pool Party to the next level. Enjoy the pool party and EDM beats from guest DJs, the highlight of which is 8 Live Fights in collabo with Kru Dam Fight. The party will be held on June 10 at The Water Club from 2-9pm. Tickets are priced at B999 nett, including a drink, while pool side VIP packages are priced at B12,300 nett for five people and include a private table in the VIP sunken area, a bottle of Belvedere, Tanqueray or Johnnie Walker Black Label, six mixers, two bottles of Belleville Brut Sparkling and five drink vouchers. The top tier package is only available for two tables at B23,000 nett for a five guests, and include a private table in the VIP sunken area, a bottle of Belvedere Mangnum , 10 mixers, two bottles of Belleville Brut Sparkling and five drink vouchers. Call 02-624-0000, email or visit

Shibari exhibition / 6060 Arts Space / Until June 26

“Shibari’s Impulse: The Science Of Binding To The Art Of Bondage”, curated by Panu Boonpipattanapong will open at 6060Arts Space. The opening is on June 10 from 1-7pm. The meaning of “impulse” is translated to Thai raeng kratun, which could mean the impulse to return the heartbeat back to normal. On the other hand,  impulse could mean “the instinctive drive of feeling”. This impulse may be caused by external incentives. The incentive from touching by humans or objects. One of the objects that is used for impulsing feelings are ropes, which are used for complicated and unique tying, bonding and weaving called shibari.  Shibari is beyond the perceptions of bondage that people have about it. It could even mean freedom or the emptiness of pure consciousness. This exhibition focuses on the impulse through the art of shibari, by two shibari artists — Petcharada Pacharee and Pakanat Rattanabangruay, and five guest artists — Tom Potisit, Sophirat Muangkum, Tanapol Kaewpring, Pisut Srisuwan and Nattapol Pattananithiboon, who recreate the identical art in their own styles through the knot and weaving of shibari. Visit


Westin Social Club / The Westin Grande Sukhumvit / Until June 30

Elevate your city escape to new heights at The Westin Grande Sukhumvit with “Westin Social Club”, where guests can enjoy a complimentary upgrade to a Premium Deluxe room for a rate starting at B6,350 per night. Enjoy a sumptuous stay with daily breakfast and a Westin social clun hour, including signature drinks and snacks from 5-8pm at Zest Bar & Terrace. The hotel also guarantees the late check-out until 4pm and a 25% discount on spa treatments at Vareena Spa. Go to 

7th Anniversary Package / Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach / Until Sept 30

The five-star sanctuary on the secluded northwest shore of Phuket is celebrating its 7th anniversary with a special package with seven amazing benefits and an exciting social media competition with seven prizes. Guests who book a minimum three-night stay will be treated to daily breakfast for two people, a complimentary resort activity, a 60-minute Thai massage for two, one-hour of free-flow drinks every day at Big Fish Bar, one romantic beachfront dinner, roundtrip airport transfers and a 20% discount at all restaurants and bars. Booking period is until June 17 with stays until Sept 30. For the contest, pick your favourite postcard from the hotel’s Facebook page and share it on your social media to win dreamy dining experiences, sublime spa treatments and even sensational stays! Prizes include a two-night stay in a Two Bedroom Beachfront Pool Villa; a two-night stay in a Deluxe Pool Access Room; a two-night stay in a Deluxe Room; a 60-minute Aromatherapy Massage at Quan Spa; a set menu at Big Fish Bar, the chic beachside restaurant; a set menu at Andaman Kitchen; and a set menu at Mama’s Kitchen. Each prize is valid for two people. This contest is open until June 30 and the lucky winners will be revealed on July 7. To enter, visit Email or visit

Bed and Brew / Four Points By Sheraton Bangkok, Sukhumvit 15 / Until June 30

If you’re considering booking just one night at Four Points By Sheraton Bangkok, Sukhumvit 15, pause and rethink your decision. Amidst the city conveniences, the downtown hotel offers a daily glass of beer from its BeerVault. With the “Bed and Brew” package, guests can enjoy a delightful combination of a comfortable bed, a delicious breakfast and the ultimate treat of winding down with a chilled mug of the hotel’s signature beers after a long day. Starting from B4,700 per night, the package is bookable by June 30 and valid for stays until Aug 31. Visit 

Re-opening / InterContinental Bangkok

The InterContinental Bangkok has finally re-opened, after a multimillion-dollar renovation and makeover. Located directly adjacent to BTS Chidlom, the hotel is walking distance to main lifestyle shopping locations. The hotel re-emerges infused with artistic nods to the beauty of Bangkok’s magnificent palaces and cultural attractions, as well as the city’s famous skyline, offering 381 all-new luxury guestrooms, including Club InterContinental rooms and a range of suites. The lobby’s remarkable centrepiece, a chandelier inspired by the intricate Phuang Malai garland, welcomes guests. Throughout the hotel, walls and ceilings showcase Thailand’s heritage and culture with traditional floating flowers and renowned kranok patterns, which trace back to the Sukhothai kingdom; while carefully placed modern abstract and local artisan artworks convey the spirit of the Thai welcoming ceremonies. Even the Grand Ballroom pays tribute to Thai traditions with a chandelier inspired by the elegant attire of traditional Thai dancers. Dining experiences include SoCal, Espresso, Fireplace Grill and Bar, Balcony Lounge, Humidor, Summer Palace and Butter. Oasis is the rooftop pool, while Spa InterContinental offers Harnn body and Elemis facial treatments. Infinity Fitness is a 24-hour state-of-the-art centre. Room rates start from B9,000++ for a Classic Room. Call 02-656-0444, email or visit 

More flight / Qatar Airways / June 22 to Oct 28

The award-winning airline will commence its fifth daily flight from June 22 to October 28. The additional flight brings the number of flights from Thailand up to eight per day, joining four existing daily flights from Bangkok and three daily flights from the holiday island of Phuket. The expansion will offer even more convenience and flexibility for travellers to connect to more than 160 destinations in Qatar Airways’ global network. Visit


King of Barolo / Rossini’s, Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit / June 9

Embark on an epicurean adventure to Italy on June 9 with Gianni Gagliardo aka the “King of Barolo” at Rossini’s. The beverage dinner will be a five-course menu crafted by executive chef Gaetano Palumbo. His culinary delights will be complemented by some of the finest vintages in the Piedmont region of northern Italy. Gagliardo will be a special guest at the event to personally introduce his hand-selected premium beverage. The dinner is priced at B3,500++ per person (food only) or B4,500++ for the full premium beverage pairing experience (five glasses). Visit

Summer truffles / Red Sky, Centara Grand at CentralWorld / Until June 30

Red Sky launches its new menu showcasing summer truffles. Experience a range of exciting dishes such as the Low-temperature egg, potato and saffron foam, summer truffles for B780++ or the Wagyu beef tartare, Piedmont hazelnut, summer truffles for B750++. Not to be missed is the Fresh tagliolini pasta, beurre noisette, Parmesan and summer truffles for B850++ and the Chargrilled octopus, broccoli, burrata cheese and summer truffles for B1,250++. Another star is the Pan-seared veal tenderloin, crispy sweetbread, and confit potatoes, summer truffle for B1,950++. The seasonal menu is available from 5pm-1am until June 30. Call 02-100-6255 or email

New menu / Flash Coffee

Flash Coffee, the tech-enabled coffee chain, announces its exquisite Brazilian House Blend as the new standard for all coffee-based drinks, along with the introduction of seasonal beans at selected stores. It is also unveiling a fully revamped menu featuring 17 exciting drinks such as Palm sugar latte, Matoom Americano and Matcha macadamia soy latte in celebration of its third anniversary in Thailand. The seasonal blend is available for all coffee-based drinks for only B15 at selected stores. Call

Dragon Boat Festival / Pagoda Chinese Restaurant / Until June 30

Savour the flavours of the Dragon Boat Festival this month at Pagoda Chinese Restaurant, Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park. A special promotion showcasing Jiaxing zongzi or traditional rice dumplings with two fillings will be available. The “Premium Meat Filling” (B280 nett per piece) is packed with pork belly, dried shrimp, dried scallop, Chinese pork sausage, roasted duck, shiitake mushroom, chestnuts, salted egg and mung beans, while the “Sweet Filling” (B180 nett per piece) includes taro, taro paste, chestnuts, mung beans, red beans, Chinese jujube paste, lotus seeds and gingko nuts. Both versions are presented in an attractive individual green box, creating a delicious solo snack. Two “Zongzi Gift Box” options are available, the first features four meat fillings for B1,288 nett per box, while the second contains two meat and two sweet for B1,088 nett per box. Call 02-059-5999 or email

Crafty creations / Craft, Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok / Until Sept 30

Craft adds international favourites and healthy vegan options to its menu, putting diversity at the forefront for all patrons. Led by chef Patinya ” “Gun” Srithong, the new dishes are in the all-day breakfast, healthy salads, burgers, wraps and sharing bites in a variety of flavours and textures from different parts of the world. There’s the fiery Breakfast kaprao wrap, Súp măng cua, Tuna tataki, Wing master wings and Ojingeo bokkeum. The cafe also debuts Crafty Creations that guarantee to quench your thirst this summer with five new drinks available until September 30. Visit

Spectrum of colours / Avani Sukhumvit Bangkok / Until July 31

Until July 31, Avani Sukhumvit Bangkok is picking up their culinary paintbrush and crafting an afternoon tea that is as appetising to the eye as it is to the mouth. Spot a rainbow from the panoramic terrace of the Greenhouse Restaurant and Bar. But if the sky doesn’t provide one, the kitchen will. In the spirit of diversity, no colour is overlooked and novel twists on traditional desserts take on savoury bites. For B700++ per couple daily between noon and 4pm, an inclusive culinary journey awaits. Start with a Red velvet cake or indulge in a luxurious Matcha chocolate truffle or Thai tea eclair to accompany a steaming cup of tea. Call 02-079-7555, email or visit

Vibrant dining / Chao Leh Kitchen, Four Points by Sheraton Phuket Patong Beach Resort

Make the most of your escape in Phuket with a dining experience that showcases authentic local flavors and delectable international dishes in an enchanting ambiance at Chao Leh Kitchen. At Four Points by Sheraton Patong Beach Resort, Chao Leh Kitchen reflects Phuket’s rich cultural heritage in its breakfast buffet with a spotlight on local flavours, including the signature dish, crab omelet curry, along with an extensive selection of Thai and international dishes. This morning feast is available daily from 6.30-10.30am and is priced at B500++ per person. The international dinner buffet is available every Wednesday and Saturday from 6-10pm and is priced at B999++ per person, including free-flow soft drinks. Call 076-645-999 or visit

Executive Dim Sum Lunch / Nan Bei, Rosewood Bangkok / Until July 31

All-you-can-eat dim sum makes an exceptional weekday lunch offering at Nan Bei, complemented with a choice of appetisers, soups and desserts. Diners also enjoy unlimited orders of Rice noodle crispy rolls with shrimp and caviar, Sichuan shrimp and pork wonton, and Chive and tiger prawn dumplings, as well as Turnip cake and Egg custard buns. The lunch experience ends on a sweet note with a choice of refreshing Chilled mango sago pomelo or a platter of juicy Seasonal fruits. The “Executive Dim Sum Lunch” is available from noon to 2pm, Monday to Friday, except public holidays, until July 31 and is priced at B1,250 nett per person. Call 02-080-0080 or email

Epic Dinner Buffet / Viu, The St. Regis Bangkok / Until June 30

The “Epic Dinner Buffet” at Viu features Italian dishes commemorate Italy’s “Festa della Repubblica”. Served every Friday to Saturday, from 6-10pm, the buffet features freshly baked truffle pizza, Australian beef stew risotto, vegetarian-friendly eggplant parmigiana and truffle mushroom cream soup with onsen egg. Pasta dishes include a choice of freshly-made pasta with a choice of pomodoro, aglio e olio, and arrabiata sauces; pasta vongole; spinach ravioli with butter sauce; and a live Parmigiano wheel pasta station. Presented alongside the Italian feast is a selection of seafood on ice and each diner also receives a whole Canadian lobster, served as grilled lobster Thermidor, grilled lobster served with fresh lemon or truffle mushroom risotto served with grilled lobster. The buffet is priced at B2,500++ per person, including coffee and tea. Call 02-207-7777, email or visit

Friends Of Mia — Next Gen Series! / Mia / June 14-15 

Mia has announced the return of “Friends Of Mia — Next Gen Series!”, a collab that brings together emerging culinary talents from across the region. On June 14-15, the second collab brings together Mia chefs Michelle Goh and Pongcharn “Top” Russell with chef de cuisine Sheng Xiong from Singapore’s Odette, and executive sous chef Arthur Leong from Meta in Singapore. The dinner is priced at B4,850++. Call 098-862-9659 or email

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Rat Pack the highlight of night of fun for Compton Care

The party will take place at the Old Wulfrunians Sports and Social Club
The party will take place at the Old Wulfrunians Sports and Social Club

The Rat Pack is Back, the UK’s original and longest running tribute to the original swing trio, will be headlining palliative and end of life care charity, Compton Care’s inaugural Summer Party, on Sunday, July 2.

The Rat Pack will be joined by rising singer-songwriter, Nieve Ella and a line up of local bands, choirs and entertainment acts on stage from 2pm.

Taking place at Old Wulfrunians Sports and Social Club in Castlecroft, the family-friendly event will also feature a host of other activities including lawn games, a raffle, outdoor bar and food for sale.

Compton Care’s Community & Events Fundraising Manager, Emily Thompson, said: “We are encouraging the local community to come along and enjoy an afternoon of music, food and fun for all the family.

“We are so excited to have secured The Rat Pack and Nieve Ella to headline a fantastic line-up of local talent, all in support of Compton Care.”

The Rat Pack is made up of David Alacey as Frank Sinatra, Paul Drakeley as Dean Martin and ITV’s Weatherman, Des Coleman as Sammy Davies Jr.

Des Coleman will be part of the show as Sammy David Jr

The show celebrates its 25th year and the current cast have been performing together as Frank, Dean and Sammy since 2003.

The show tours all over the UK in theatres and cabaret rooms and is well-known for high-profile international performances in Singapore, Dubai and Monte Carlo.

Paul Drakeley said: “I am delighted to be performing in my hometown and as a proud Wulfrunian, it means so much to help raise funds for a truly special charity close to my heart.”

Tickets are priced at £5 for adults aged 18 and over and under 17s go free.

Tickets are available in advance via the Compton Care website and on the day.

All proceeds from the event will go towards funding the charity’s work supporting people with life limiting conditions and their families living in Wolverhampton, the Black Country, South Staffordshire and East Shropshire.

For the full line up and to purchase tickets, go

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PinkPantheress Shares ‘Angel’ From Film Soundtrack – Rolling Stone

Creating the ultimate dreamland for Greta Gerwig’s Barbie required a lot of pink. Production designer Sarah Greenwood recently shared that creating the film even caused an international shortage of that specific Barbie Pink shade of Rosco paints. The Barbie soundtrack, however, has more than enough pink to go around, especially on its latest single, “Angel” from PinkPantheress.

“Everyone tells me life was hard, but it’s a piece of cake/Even if Johnny hasn’t answered in a couple days,” she sings about Johnny, the Ken she introduced in the opening verse, while bragging all about how romantic he is. “You won’t check your phone so you can’t tell me you’re okay because/Johnny, my baby, did it always have to end this way?”

PinkPantheress wrote and produced “Angel” alongside BloodPop, Count Baldor, and Charlie Puth. Her leading on both ends explains why the record sounds like the perfect soundtrack to the Barbie dress-up games of the early 2000s that died when Adobe Flash Player did.


And the orchestral string section that fills the space during the instrumental break halfway through the song is reminiscent of two timeless markers of top-tier cinema: Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper (2004) and Barbie of Swan Lake (2003). On the strength of its soundtrack alone, Greta Gerwig’s Barbie is gunning to join them.

“Angel” marks the third single from Barbie the Album, set for release alongside the film on July 21. It follows Dua Lipa’s tone-setting lead record “Dance the Night” and Karol G’s reggaetón party “Watati.” The record, executive produced by Mark Ronson, will also feature appearances from Ava Max, Charli XCX, Dominic Fike, Fifty Fifty, Gayle, Haim, Ice Spice, Kali, Karol G, Khalid, Lizzo, Nicki Minaj, Ryan Gosling, Tame Impala, and the Kid Laroi.

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Classical Music Playlist, June 8, 2023

After 16 years in the second violin section of the Royal Danish Orchestra from 1889 when he also composed his first two symphonies, in 1905 Danish composer Carl Nielsen gave up his orchestral position to devote all his time to composition. He would become a Danish national hero, eventually composing six symphonies that to this day are among the core repertoire of the Danish National Symphony Orchestra who have recently released a 3-CD set of all six symphonies led by Principal Conductor Fabio Luisi. Each day this week, we’ll feature one of Nielsen’s first five symphonies from this new cycle with the Fifth on his birthday, June 9.

“Carl Nielsen has his own, personal language,” Fabio Luisi says. “At times, it is highly unusual, but it is also witty and profound, and it is highly obvious that the Danish National Symphony Orchestra is extremely familiar with its distinctive characteristics.”

Liner notes from this new recording cycle describes the Symphony No. 4 “The Inextinguishable”:

Nielsen’s positive attitude towards life took him a long way. But in 1914 the First World War broke out, marking a decisive crisis of values even for a modern humanist like himself. He was trying to find “the power of light” as a defense against the menace of the dark, and this led to the highly original Symphony No. 4 “The Inextinguishable” (1914–1916). The symphony is an overwhelming physical drama, and it seems obvious to hear its violent music as the sound of war. Carl Nielsen’s own explanation, however, was the opposite – that the symphony was an expression of the eternal will to life. The symphony derives its subtitle from the motto “Music is life and, as such, inextinguishable.”

The Symphony No. 4, “The Inextinguishable,” by Carl Nielsen from the new cycle recorded by the Danish National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Fabio Luisi, is today’s Midday Masterpiece.

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