Cool DJ Party is The Latest Addition to the Party Series at SSM

Get ready to groove because the latest installment in the Party Series at SSM is hitting stores this Friday, July 19th! Titled “Cool DJ Party,” this CD promises to bring the ultimate beats and vibes to your summer celebrations. Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue or hitting the dance floor, this compilation is your soundtrack to a memorable night.

Let’s take a sneak peek at the tracks featured on “Cool DJ Party”:

  1. Bun Dem by Respect
  2. Boy From Space Mania by The Boy From Space
  3. Light It Up! by Hiroaki Serizawa
  4. Ace by Weed
  5. Celebration Of Life by No-Limitt
  6. Home Away from Home by House On The Hill (HOTH)
  7. 24 Hours by Cling
  8. Mr. Nobody by Matchtown
  9. Hyperdiamonds by DJ Zevzek
  10. Cervantes by Dreamdoktor
  11. Vrelo (Wellhead) by Woodcock Group
  12. Haiser Bulgare by Mov Sessian Project
  13. Indigo Love Spells by 3 All Mighty
  14. Hail To The King by Down From Zero
  15. Wareeeayz by Kris Gamble

With a lineup that spans genres from electronic to rock, and everything in between, “Cool DJ Party” ensures there’s something for every music enthusiast. Whether you’re into high-energy beats, soulful melodies, or catchy hooks, this compilation delivers.

For those unfamiliar with the Party Series at SSM, it’s a collection known for its diverse offerings that cater to different tastes and moods. Previous editions include “Sunset Party,” “World Party (Release the Freak Within),” “Rockin’ Party,” “HipHop Party (Old School),” “Pop Party,” “Lounge Party,” “Tropical Party,” “Dance Party,” and “Remix Party.” Each CD is carefully curated to provide the ultimate soundtrack for any occasion, making them a staple in music lovers’ collections.

“Cool DJ Party” stands out not only for its eclectic tracklist but also for its ability to capture the essence of a dynamic DJ set. Whether you’re looking to unwind with chill vibes or amp up the energy with dance-floor anthems, this CD promises to deliver.

Mark your calendars for July 19th and make sure to grab your copy of “Cool DJ Party” at your nearest music store or online outlet. Get ready to turn up the volume and experience the latest in the Party Series at SSM—it’s time to party like never before!