Lilith Vala Xara releases new short film on the poetry of Thelemic personality Charles Stansfeld Jones. – Music Industry Today

Lilith Vala Xara releases new short film on the poetry of Thelemic personality Charles Stansfeld Jones. – Music Industry Today – EIN Presswire

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Tuesday, August 16, 2022


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This sphere of 300 speakers blasts out an AI-created ‘soundtrack for t

A distorted kazoo from Belarus. A gentle three-chord keyboard progression from France. A throaty growl from Brazil. These disparate sounds from far reaches of the world could hardly be more different. And yet they’ve come together to form a breezy, experimental soundscape made possible through artificial intelligence and the sheer diversity of the world.

[Photo: DSL Studio]

This ambient global mashup of music and noise is Sound of the Earth: Chapter 3, an art project developed by Yuri Suzuki, a London-based sound artist and partner at the design firm Pentagram. Developed in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture for the 23rd Triennale Milano International Exhibition, the project is now on display in the form of a 13-foot-tall black geodesic sphere dotted with about 300 speakers playing sounds submitted by thousands of people from across the globe.

Suzuki says the project is an exploration of the power of artificial intelligence to find similarity in sound coming from wildly different places, and to challenge the way we experience cultures that are foreign to our own.

Processed through an algorithm, the submitted sounds are compiled into an ever-evolving ambient soundscape. At the triennial in Milan, where the artwork is on display until December, the resulting composition is played out of the sphere. Sounds repeat and then fade, and then new sounds are added to the mix.

Lacking any discernible melody, the overall composition is in a constant state of change. Though matte black and without any geographic information, the sphere represents the Earth, and each individual sound is played through a speaker corresponding with the location of its submission.

Yuri Suzuki [Photo: DSL Studio]

“People are really used to stereo channels or the mono speaker experience. But when you have a multichannel experience it’s actually quite fresh,” Suzuki says. “With 300 speakers, it’s almost unpredictable where it’s coming from. It’s a bit uncanny, but it’s still quite interesting.”

Visitors to the project’s website can record and upload their own sound to the growing pool. Using machine learning provided through Google’s Artists + Machine Intelligence grants, every submitted sound is processed and linked to others with similar sonic characteristics so they can flow together cohesively.

“Based on the categorization, it’s making compositions. So each time you open the website the AI is making brand-new compositions,” Suzuki says, adding, “I’m interested in making a democratic way of creating a soundtrack of the world.”

The result is a mostly pleasant ambient background sound, but the submissions can also reflect the messiness of democracy. There are claps, clicks, drones, and wails. One person submitted the gentle sound of birdsong. Another decided to submit the sound of himself burping.

[Photo: DSL Studio]

Sound of the Earth: Chapter 3 is part of a series of projects Suzuki has been working on since 2005. He started out simply collecting and sharing sounds he’d record during his travels around the world. “Major cities like New York or Tokyo or London have totally different soundscapes,” he says.

The first chapter of the project was a 30-minute-long collection of sound and music from different countries that Suzuki compiled and pressed into a spherical record. The second iteration, displayed in the Dallas Museum of Art in 2019, consisted of another black dome-like shape that played user-submitted sounds from different parts of the dome.

This latest version is the most intricate, with sounds being interwoven and the soundscape shaped entirely by what is submitted. In the first week of operation, the website received more than 500 submissions, with a wide variety of sound signatures. “Some sound is quite mellow, some sound is more aggressive,” Suzuki says.

He notes that the collection of submitted sounds is growing, and he hopes the website will continue to serve as a kind of global sound archive, with new compositions being made possible with every submission. It could also be a way to blur the spatial and geographic boundaries that separate people.

“The world today is less and less connected,” Suzuki says. Unifying sounds from people around the world, he says, is one way to rebuild those connections. “That’s my naive dream.”

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Band Celebrates 45th Anniversary With New Wave of Activities – Billboard

INXS turns 45, and in twist to the finest of traditions, the Australian new wave act is handing out the presents.

The alternative rock outfit announces INXS Day and, to celebrate, prepares a slew of physical and digital releases, merch and a special TikTok streaming party.

All of it swings back to this day (Aug. 16), 45 years ago, when INXS sprung to life with a debut performance at a house party in Whale Beach, Sydney.



See latest videos, charts and news

See latest videos, charts and news

The group was then known as The Farriss Brothers, after the founding core of Andrew, Jon and Tim Farriss. The name INXS (pronounced in-excess) came later, and stuck.

INXS Day, launched in association with Petrol Records, Universal Music Group and Rhino Records, kicks off Tuesday with an exclusive TikTok live stream commemorating 35 years since the release of KICK. The hour-long global event includes a track-by-track on the album, interviews with the band and with executive music producer, Giles Martin.

Kick went on to become the group’s highest and longest-charting album in the U.S., with a peak of No. 3 on the Billboard 200. It remained on the chart for 81 weeks, and four of its singles – ‘New Sensation,’ ‘Never Tear Us Apart,’ ‘Devil Inside’ and the No. 1 ‘Need You Tonight’ – cracked the Top 10.

“I take my hat off to Giles, who has been able to process the sounds accurately with today’s technology,” comments INXS’ founding saxophonist and guitarist Kirk Pengilly. “It sounds like the original album but now, spread out over a 3D space. It sounds incredible.”

Joining team INXS in 2018, Martin is also on production duties for a new Dolby Atmos remix of The Very Best, the 2011 compilation which gathers such classics as as “Never Tear Us Apart,” “Original Sin” and “What You Need” and recently celebrated 500 weeks on the ARIA Albums Chart. The Very Best has been awarded “Diamond” status, for 500,000 chart sales.

Later, during the month of August, five official music videos from the 1992 set Welcome To Wherever You Are will be upgraded to HD for release on YouTube (“Heaven Sent,” “Baby Don’t Cry,” “Taste It,” “Beautiful Girl,” and “Not Enough Time”).

And to mark the 40th anniversary of the band’s breakthrough LP Shabooh Shoobah, a three-tiered release on Oct. 28, including a digital deluxe edition of the 1982 album, and a limited-edition release on clear vinyl via, along with a vintage Shabooh Shoobah t-shirt. Also in October, the band’s nine-track set recorded at Steve Wozniak’s Live at the U.S. Festival from May 1983 will be officially released for the first time.

Thanks to the “hard work of visionary manager Chris Murphy, his team and the band, INXS’ legacy and influence are still seen every day around the globe,” comments executive VP international marketing (UMe), Universal Music Group, Andrew Daw. “Now, new fans are discovering the band and music through new platforms, non-traditional media and even an art/dance/visual short film based on their songs. We have found audiences are reacting, enjoying, and engaging.”

Led by late frontman Michael Hutchence, INXS would conquer sales charts and stadiums around the globe during a golden run in the 1980s.

The band scored six U.K. top 10 albums (including a No. 1 with Welcome To Wherever You Are from 1992) and five U.S. top 20 albums, with worldwide album sales topping 70 million, according to Petrol.

INXS was inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame in 2001, four years after the death of Hutchence, aged 37.

Though the band called time on touring in 2012, the surviving members continue to add new chapters to the INXS story with catalog reissues and special projects, from documentaries to docudramas and a short film, Original Sin – The 7 Sins.

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STARZ Shares P-Valley Season Two Soundtrack Featuring Megan Thee Stallion @

New York, NY (Top40 Charts) Following last night’s explosive season finale, STARZ and Lions Gate Records have released the highly anticipated soundtrack for season two of “P-Valley.”

The 15-track album features three original songs from the wildly beloved season, including “Get It On the Floor” by Megan Thee Stallion featuring series star J. Alphonse Nicholson. The soundtrack is available on all digital music platforms worldwide.

The entire sophomore season of “P-Valley” is now available on the STARZ app, STARZ streaming and on-demand platforms and internationally on the STARZPLAY premium streaming platform in the UK, Europe, and Latin America. Listen to the new soundtrack here:

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Season 4 Soundtrack Now Available

Westworld Season 4 soundtrack Photo Credit: HBO

Westworld: Season 4 (Soundtrack from the HBO Series) is now available through streaming platforms and digital retailers. The album features original music from Ramin Djawadi and his reimagined versions of songs by Metallica, Billie Eilish, Frank Ocean, Lana Del Rey, Nine Inch Nails, and Lou Reed.

Emmy Award-winning and Grammy-nominated composer Ramin Djawadi’s (Game of ThronesWestworldIron Man) soundtrack for Westworld: Season 4 is now available from WaterTower Music. The 34-track album features the celebrated composer’s original music and his unique reimaginings of well-known songs by Radiohead, Billie Eilish, Frank Ocean, Metallica, Lana Del Rey, Nine Inch Nails, and Lou Reed. Fans will be familiar with these tracks throughout watching Westworld: Season 4.

The Westworld: Season 4 (Soundtrack from the HBO Series) is available to stream and download from digital retailers. The official tracklist is as follows:

  1. Main Title Theme – Westworld
  2. Parasite
  3. The Day the World Went Away
  4. Bad Acid
  5. Olympiad
  6. Video Games
  7. Time to Transcend
  8. Welcome to the Golden Age
  9. Années Folles
  10. Bad Guy
  11. Sweetwater Temperance
  12. Enter Sandman
  13. Outliers
  14. Pink + White
  15. The Tower
  16. Hale’s World
  17. Do You Have an Appointment?
  18. Knowledge
  19. Winner Takes All
  20. Perfect Day
  21. Wrong Exit
  22. A Message
  23. They Are After Your Hooch
  24. What We Are
  25. No More Waiting
  26. Ancient Wisdom
  27. Host City
  28. Watch You Grow Up
  29. Finish What We Started
  30. Blue Dress
  31. Pyramid Song
  32. Set Ourselves Free
  33. Sweetwater Reprise
  34. Our World

Soundtracks for previous seasons of Westworld feature Djawadi’s versions of tracks originally performed by The Rolling Stones, Kanye West, The Weeknd, Amy Winehouse, Nirvana, Guns N Roses, and many others. The soundtracks for all four seasons of Westworld are available to stream, including an Official Playlist mix. 

Westworld returned for its fourth season on HBO and HBO Max on June 26. The Emmy-winning drama series is a dark odyssey about the fate of sentient life on earth, starring Evan Rachel Wood, Emmy-winner Thandiwe Newton, Ed Harris, Jeffrey Wright, Tessa Thompson, Luke Hemsworth, Aaron Paul, James Marsden, and Angela Sarafyan.

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Hiring To Create Opportunities In The Cannabis Market, Kevin Hart Of Green Check Verified Interview

A recent report found that employee retention is a challenge in the cannabis retail space. The report from cannabis data and research company Headset examined real-time employee sales data in nine states and four Canadian provinces from June 2021 through May 2022.

“About 55% of dispensary employees, typically referred to as ‘budtenders,’ will resign within a given year,” reads the report. “Approximately 25% of newly hired budtenders quit their job within the first month.”

Why Such A Big Turnover Rate?

Kevin Hart, founder and CEO of Green Check Verified expressed during an interview with Cannabis Business Times that “the retail experience of cannabis is no different than the retail experience of anybody else.” Green Check Verified is a Florida-based software company solutions provider of cannabis banking and expert advisory services for financial institutions.

“There is no separation between the consumer and the staff experience. They are one and the same. I think that’s a major, major challenge for the cannabis industry because you have a lot of first-time entrepreneurs who’ve all been consumers, but (…) they lose that connectivity of being a consumer,” Hart said about the how to improve employee retention.

He added from a data perspective, “geography plays a big part in that turnover category…because of how they set up the experiences (…) I think you see the pressure for a lot of cannabis businesses that they focus on the race to open, and they’ll deal with things later.”

Hart also believes that the time and effort to set those consumer and staff’ expectations “as equal right at the beginning, doesn’t take a lot of time.” In addition, he said that the “first-time entrepreneurs [have a] lack of understanding of the consumer-to-staff connectivity of the experience and the expectations.”

Consumer Experience

Hart said that because of the variety of products, even budtenders expect that consumers have a pharmacist degree, “and that doesn’t necessarily align itself to the consumer experience, depending on the vibe and the setup of that store.

“So again, you’re creating this disconnect right away because consumers are presented with far too many options as to the latest product, the hottest product, the different brands, and the different names,” Hart continued.

Instead of “greeting and educating the consumer with, ‘Hey, this is who we are, and this is what we do,’ set that expectation. Direct them to a consumer experience.”

Hire Right And Reduce Turnover: Tips To Cannabis Bussiness

Hart believes that as part of the hiring process, “dispensary owners should encourage people to secret shop the [store] and come in and go through that experience because now you’re going to be on the other side of the counter at some point.”

He also recommended don’t interview people to hire, if not to create partnerships. “Get the people engaged because, again, that expectation. I think from an operator’s perspective, they could communicate a lot better,” he said. “It’s disappointing to hear that a lot of dispensaries don’t have a team huddle before they open the door in the morning.”

Communication, a fun work environment and not being competitive is the key to getting everybody engaged and letting them know how the business operation’s going, Hart contends. 

Team Work: A Key To Increase Retention?

According to the Headset’s report, that found that “roughly 25% of newly hired budtenders will quit their job within the first month of employment,” he said that “the interview process is flawed. I highly recommend a secret shopper. I highly, highly recommend that members doing the hiring have a special question.”

“Instead, [most people] go through this standard interview process instead of trying to create the connection, understand what they like to do outside of work and then touch base with them,” he added.

Related to cannabis employees across the U.S. that choose to unionize he believes the reason that unions still exist is that employees are unhappy. “Unhappy people unionize. You’re always going to have factions of people that will want to unionize regardless of circumstances. But it goes back to the hiring and the culture you’re putting in place, and I also see quite frequently that a lot of people are hiring because they have to fill the spot.

“They’re not hiring to create the opportunity. If you bring in a bad employee, you’ll end up with three more like that because they’re not doing their job,” he added.

Cannabis University Education & SAFE Banking Act

In addition, Hart expressed his excitement about the benefits that cannabis-specific degree programs could bring to training future workers. “It’s so encouraging to hear that many universities are actually offering a program. One of the things that we learned through our process is that education is at the tip of the spear, especially if you want financial institutions not to run away. We knew we had to educate and then automate,” he expressed.

According to SAFE Banking Act, he said he does not think it is going to have any impact on employee work conditions. “If anything, I think it might make it worse. [And] the reason why I say that is the SAFE Banking Act, when it [passes], there’s going to be more rules and regulations, not less, [but] significantly more.”

The Purpose Of Cannabis

He ended the interview saying that “the purpose of cannabis, aside from its medical value, is supposed to be low stress. As an owner-operator, try to pick up that vibe and keep it and retain it.” “And if you’re trying to go with this antiseptic look, or you’re just trying to be hip and cool, but you’re not matching that with your behavior (…) The consumers can read through it.” Also, he added that the “opportunity to make more money is actually there if you focus on the right things.”

Photo: Courtesy of Esteban Lopez On Unsplash

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INXS Day Dawns With Special Releases, Streaming Event (EXCLUSIVE)

Forty-five years after INXS kicked off with its first-ever show, the great Australian band today (Aug. 16) celebrates its milestone with a slate of releases, activities and a special streaming event.

Among those INXS birthday gifts, a TikTok streaming event where Kick gets the deep-dive treatment; the release of a fresh, Dolby Atmos remix of INXS – The Very Best; and the promise of more to come.

The new wave legends took the long road to the top.

Starting out in Western Australia, the earliest incarnation of INXS formed as The Farris Brothers, performing for the first time at a house party in Whale Beach, Sydney, on Aug. 16, 1977.

Later, the band would take the name INXS. Hits would follow, as would fans around the globe.

For a time in the ‘80s and ‘90s, INXS was among the biggest alternative rock outfits on the globe, selling-out stadiums and 70 million records, and creating the soundtrack to the lives of a generation, with “Never Tear Us Apart,” “Original Sin,” “Need You Tonight,” “Don’t Change,” and more.

INXS Day (Aug. 16) is an initiative of INXS, in association with Petrol Records and Universal Music Group.

Headlining the festivities is an hour-long live stream on TikTok, timed around the 35th anniversary of Kick, and boasting a track-by-track feature, and interviews with the bandmates and their executive music producer Giles Martin, son of iconic Beatles producer George Martin.

Arriving in 1987, Kick was the album that separated INXS from the rest. The set spawned five singles, four of which hit the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart — “New Sensation,” “Never Tear Us Apart,” Devil Inside” and “Need You Tonight,” with the latter going all the way to No. 1 in the United States. 

Kick peaked at No. 3 on the U.S. Billboard 200 albums chart, and came in at No. 2 on Rolling Stone Australia’s list of The 200 Greatest Australian Albums of All Time.

Martin is also behind the desk on a Dolby Atmos remix of The Very Best, INXS’ blockbuster 20-song career retrospective.

Originally released in 2011, the evergreen collection recently celebrated 500 weeks in the ARIA Albums Chart and has been awarded “Diamond” status, for combined sales upwards of 500,000 units.

What Martin has done with the Atmos remix, enthuses founding guitarist Tim Farriss, “is to not only recreate the original mixes, but now you’re blown away because you hear all this stuff that you just didn’t hear before.”

Martin adds, “Nowadays, we hear music too much we don’t listen to it enough. I think the great thing about Atmos is it makes people listen in a different way and it will be new again, and let’s face it INXS are an amazing band”.

Also this month, five INXS videos will be upgraded on YouTube to HD for the first time: “Heaven Sent,” “Baby Don’t Cry,” “Taste It,” “Beautiful Girl,” and “Not Enough Time”.

Then, in October, a 40th anniversary edition of Shabooh Shoobah. INXS’ classic early album will be issued on streaming services as a deluxe digital boxset spanning 15 songs, along with a vintage t-shirt, and “a very limited” clear vinyl edition exclusively via

Also that month, the band’s breakthrough north American performance, 1983’s Live At The US Festival, will get its official release.

UMG’s executive VP international marketing (UMe) Andrew Daw paid tribute to the band, its late “visionary manager” Chris Murphy, and his team for creating a “legacy and influence” which is “still seen every day around the globe.”

Led by the charismatic Michael Hutchence, the rockers scored six U.K. Top 10 albums (including a No. 1 with Welcome To Wherever You Are from 1992) and five U.S. top 20 albums. 

Induction into the ARIA Hall of Fame came in 2001, four years after Hutchence passed, in 1997.

After experimenting with a rotating cast of lead singers, the surviving members of INXS announced in Nov. 2012 they were hanging up their instruments.

With Murphy back on board in a creative position, a handful of catalog projects reignited interest in the band.

One of those was the the free-to-air 2014 mini-series Never Tear Us Apart, which powered six INXS albums back into the ARIA Top 10 including the top two spots in the same week.

The Very Best went on to be the best selling album of the year.

Just last year saw the arrival of Original Sin – The 7 Sins, a short-film soundtracked by INXS’ music. 

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Big surprises for INXS fans as band celebrates 45 years since first gig and a year of milestones

On August 16, 1977, The Farriss Brothers played their debut gig at a house party at Whale Beach in Sydney.

A couple of names and some demos later, INXS would go on to sell more than 70 million albums, featuring hits like Need You Tonight, Original Sin, Never Tear Us Apart, New Sensation and so many more.

In 2022, INXS celebrates 45 years since that debut show in Sydney, and 40 years since the release of their breakthrough album Shabooh Shoobah.

Watch Sunrise on Channel 7 and stream it for free on 7plus >>

Michael Hutchence fronts INXS at a gig in the 1980s. Credit: Michael Ochs Archives/Michael Ochs Archives

The celebrations kick off with an exclusive hour-long TikTok live stream on Tuesday night (August 16) celebrating the 35th anniversary of their masterpiece album KICK, including a track-by-track feature, interviews with the band and their executive music producer Giles Martin from 7pm AEST.

Then, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Shabooh Shoobah, a deluxe digital boxset featuring 15 songs will be released on streaming services for the first time in October, along with two special vinyl releases.

INXS during a photo call in 1980. Credit: Jean-Louis URLI/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

The band’s breakthrough American performance Live At The US Festival will be officially released in October, featuring a nine-track live set recorded on May 28, 1983.

INXS’s The Very Best will also be released mixed in Dolby Atmos for the first time, giving fans a chance to hear the songs in an all-new way.

Tim Farriss, Kirk Pengilly, Garry Gary Beers, Michael Hutchence, Andrew Farriss and Jon Farriss in INXS’s heyday. Credit: Lynn Goldsmith/Corbis/VCG via Getty Images

Finally, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the 1992 album Welcome To Wherever You Are, the five music videos from the album are being upgraded to HD for the first time.

Ozzy Osbourne makes surprise appearance at 2022 Comm Game.

Ozzy Osbourne makes surprise appearance at 2022 Comm Game.

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