Brendan Fraser Is Reportedly Joining Forces With Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart for a Blockbuster Film Sequel Just Days After Winning an Oscar

The old adage ‘History Repeats Itself’ has come true again! And Dwayne Johnson is at the center of it. The wrestler-turned-actor has forged a successful career as an action hero in Hollywood today while many fans still fondly remember the humble beginnings of The People’s Champ in movies.


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Although he auditioned for an acting role at a very young age, it was in the 2001 movie Mummy Returns that saw Johnson enter the world of movies. He later appeared in a spinoff of the franchise in the 2002 movie The Scorpion King. And according to the latest reports Johnson is set to reunite with Brendan Fraser who played the leading role in the Mummy Franchise.

Dwayne Johnson to reunite with Brendan Fraser


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Fraser would be starring in the fourth part of the Jumanji franchise as per GiantFreakinRobot.com. He is expected to portray the role of Mr. Gilpin the father of the character Spencer Gilpin. It is notable that Johnson plays the video game version of Gilpin in the movies. Fans would really be delighted at this popular but surprising casting of Fraser in the franchise.


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The production dates for the fourth installment of the famous movie series are yet to be confirmed. Hence, fans would have to wait to see Fraser sharing the screen again with Johnson. The movie series also features DJ’s real-life friend Kevin Hart.  

The Canadian-American actor, Fraser has been on a roll in recent times. It has been not even a week since he grabbed the best actor award at the 95th Academy Awards. Fraser won this accolade for his role in the movie The Whale. And it seems he has followed this huge achievement by getting cast in the Jumanji franchise.

The Jumanji franchise has been around for almost three decades


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The popular movie series first enchanted fans with 1995’s Jumanji. It was revived after two decades with Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle in 2017. And was followed by the 2019 movie Jumanji: The Next Level. As mentioned earlier there has been no confirmation regarding the fourth venture.

However, the addition of Fraser to the cast indicates that it is definitely in the works. Fans will be willing to live off any news they can gather on the upcoming part.

Dwayne Johnson’s association with a movie franchise is enough to create buzz among the masses. And the speculated reunion between him and Brendan Fraser will surely generate quite an interest. While fans would be on board, they would be craving a date around the project. Let’s hope they do not have to wait for it long.


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What do you think about this on-screen reunion between Dwayne Johnson and Brendan Fraser? Let us know in the comments.

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