SSM Releases ‘Cool Party’, the 10th CD in the Party Series Collection, Tribute Titles, Cover Bond, America, Barry Manilow and all releases now available in all Asian Marketplaces!

SSM has just released the latest compilation album that is the 10th CD in the highly regarded Party Series Collection! Fans of of the Party Series can definitely expect an unparalleled listening experience that is sure to get the party started.

What’s more, SSM is now available in the Asian marketplaces. Now everyone from music lovers to party animals in Asia can finally experience the best in music that SSM has to offer. And, the artists and account holders of the CD’s get a alot more exposure making it available to Billions of Music Lovers.

Get ready to dance and sing along to the infectious beats and melodies that only SSM can provide!

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In Stores & Outlets in All China & Asian Marketplaces

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SSM, also known as Sound Stage Music, is a reputable company that prides itself on distributing and releasing top-quality Tribute CD’s, which pay homage to various beloved artists and franchises. Whether you’re a fan of the James Bond movie franchise, the incomparable Barry Manilow, or iconic American music, SSM has you covered. These Tribute CDs are of the highest quality, with meticulous attention paid to every detail to ensure an authentic experience that truly honors the original artists. SSM believes that tribute CDs are a special way to pay homage to these legendary artists and franchises, keeping their legacy alive for future generations to enjoy. So why not add a few of these fantastic Tribute CDs to your collection today and experience the magic of these enduring classics in a whole new way?

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