Jayson Tatum trolls Kevin Hart by giving him Deuce’s jersey


BOSTON — The Celtics have pretty much owned the 76ers for the last decade. It has given the Celtics bragging rights on the court, and the ability to confidently rag on Philly fans off it.

Case in point: Jayson Tatum absolutely roasted 76ers fan Kevin Hart during his appearance on the comedian’s Cold As Balls show on YouTube. 

The Celtics are among the favorites to win the title in the upcoming season, though Hart being the ardent Philly supporter that he is, told Tatum that the 76ers stand in their way on that quest for a championship.

Tatum, who has won all three of his playoff series against Philly, wasn’t buying it. 

“Do they?” Tatum asked quizzically. “You tell them, ‘Good luck next time.'”

Not bad. It probably didn’t burn as much as Game 7 in last year’s Eastern Conference semis, when Tatum dropped 51 points on Philadelphia to lead the C’s to the East Finals.

But that was not all that Tatum had waiting for Hart. His next burn was in the form of a gift: A Celtics jersey.

It was a Tatum jersey, but not Jayson’s. Tatum broke out a jersey that belongs to his young son, Deuce, for the 5-foot-2 Hart.

“This is my son’s jersey, but they told me it might fit,” Tatum savagely deadpanned to Hart. “And I know how much you love the Celtics.

“This is how I get Deuce dressed in the morning,” Tatum fired off.

Hart, to his credit, was a good sport about it all. He not only put on the jersey, but he thanked Deuce as well.

“It actually doesn’t fit bad. What is that, like a 2T?” Hart asked. “Shoutout to Deuce. Thank you.”

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The Celtics will make two trips to Philadelphia in November. Chances are Hart won’t be wearing his “Deuce” jersey for those, but at least he now has some Celtics green in his wardrobe.

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