Mann Ki Baat highlights: ‘After Chandrayaan-3, G20 doubled the joy of every Indian,’ says PM Modi


Mann Ki Baat LIVE updates: ‘Ghoda Library’ in Uttarakhand’s Nainital gets a mention

PM Modi said, “In our country education is always seen as a service. I have come to know about some youth of Uttarakhand, who are working for the education of children with the same spirit. Some youth in Nainital district have started unique ‘Ghoda Library’ for children.”

“It is true that today’s era is of Digital Technology and E-Books, but still books always play the role of a good friend in our lives. Hence, we should motivate children to read books,” Modi further said.

Modi also mentioned Hyderabad’s Akarshana Satish, a seventh-grade girl who initiated a unique effort related to libraries in the city.

“I have come to know of a similar unique effort related to libraries in Hyderabad. Here, daughter Akarshana Satish, studying in seventh grade, has achieved remarkable feats. At just 11 years of age, she is managing not one or two, but seven libraries for children,” he said.

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