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Walt Disney Records just released the first volume of music from the Disney+ original series Ahsoka, which features Kevin Kiner’s score from the first four episodes.

(Lucasfilm, Ltd.)

(Lucasfilm, Ltd.)

What’s Happening:

  • Ahsoka (Original Series Soundtrack: Volume 1) is now available to stream from your preferred streaming music provider, including Apple Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, and Spotify.
  • The album includes nearly two-and-a-half hours of score by Kevin Kiner from the show’s first 4 episodes, broken out into 45 songs from the show, plus a bonus demo.
  • Kevin Kiner is a longtime Star Wars collaborator, having scored Ahsoka Tano’s debut on Star Wars: The Clone Wars and her return on Star Wars Rebels, in addition to the Disney+ original animated series Star Wars: The Bad Batch.
  • Kiner’s score for Ahsoka combines classical blockbuster music from the 70s and 80s with traditional Japanese basses and cellos to give Ahsoka the feeling of a wandering ronin.
  • In addition to his Star Wars work, Kevin Kiner is known for his scores for Peacemaker, Narcos: Mexico, Titans, Doom Patrol, City on a Hill, Dark Winds, Hell on Wheels, CSI: Miami, and Jane the Virgin.

What They’re Saying:

  • Kevin Kiner, Composer: “I can’t believe that 17 years after I wrote Ahsoka’s theme for The Clone Wars that I’m still getting to progress and expand it. Sean and Deana Kiner worked with me on a lot of this score, and I think their fresh take —especially with regard to the ronin aspects of the score—helps move our sound forward in the Star Wars universe. This is something we’ve poured a lot of love into and are so proud of what we’ve created for these characters and this show.”  

Ahsoka (Original Series Soundtrack: Volume 1) Tracklist:

  • The Update
  • Master and Apprentice
  • The Map
  • Assassin Ambush
  • The New Republic
  • Where is Sabine
  • Igyah Kah
  • Ezra’s Recording
  • Witch Ruins
  • Should Have Been a Good Jedi
  • Like So Many Jedi
  • Studying the Orb
  • Ahsoka and Hera
  • Shin and Sabine
  • Ahsoka End-Credits
  • Secrets of the Map
  • Done Enough
  • Opening the Map
  • Searching the Room
  • Bypass
  • Morgan and Baylan
  • Corellian Shipyard
  • Loyalists
  • Sabine’s Armor
  • The Eye
  • Enemies Are Multiplying
  • More Than Just Your Eyes
  • Briefing the Senators
  • Not Gifted
  • You Don’t Know That
  • I Shall Deal With Them
  • Stepping Out
  • The Whale Pod
  • Hunt Them Down
  • Not the Time for a Lesson
  • Can I Count on You
  • Move In
  • Huyang Cuts the Power
  • Watch Me
  • Meet Up With Baylan
  • Fight in the Woods
  • Ahsoka and Baylan
  • Do It
  • Can’t Follow Us
  • Something Familiar
  • Igyah Kah (Demo Version)

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