Local radio stations still play classical music, only now …


SARASOTA — When the University of South Florida launched WUSF Radio in 1963 as a student station, it was the first public station of any kind in Florida.

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WUSF studio

Musicians perform in the studio at WUSF in Sarasota.

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Gant and Harpe

Russell Gant, left, and Jackson Harpe, acting WSMR operations manager.

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Richard Chin Quee

Richard Chin Quee is the FM programming and station manager at WGCU, where classical music offerings are mostly online.

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kAmw@H6G6C[ 324< H96? #:492C5 r9:? “F66 H2D 9:C65 2E (vr& 😕 a__e[ E96 DE2E:@? 2:C65 4=2DD:42= >FD:4 7C@> h 2]>]` A]>][ E96? 2? 9@FC=@?8 =:G6 E2=< D9@H[ 7@==@H65 3J }!#] r=2DD:42= >FD:4 C6DF>65 7C@> eg A]>][ 27E6C H9:49 ;2KK D6C6?2565 =2E6?:89E =:DE6?6CD]k^Am

kAmr9:? “F66 😀 ?@H (vr&’D u| AC@8C2>>:?8 2?5 DE2E:@? >2?286C] w6 D2JD 4=2DD:42= >FD:4 H2D AC@8C2>>65 @? E96 DE2E:@? F?E:= 23@FE a__g H96? E96J C62=:K65 E92E E96J DECF88=65 E@ 4@G6C E96 4@DE @7 @G6CE962:C 4=2DD:42= >FD:4 5FC:?8 A=6586 5C:G6D] }6HD 4@?E6?E 4@?E:?F65 E@ A2J :ED 3:==D]k^Am

Corey Lewis WGCU GM 03

WGCU station manager Corey Lewis.

kAm(9:=6 rac 😀 2 C6=2E:G6=J =@H4@DE AC@5F4E[ :E H2D?’E 36:?8 DFAA@CE65 3J @?2:C =:DE6?6CD] $@ (vr& >@G65 4=2DD:42= >FD:4 @?=:?6 2C@F?5 a_`_[ 3F@J65 3J E649?@=@8J 25G2?46>6?ED DF49 2D DEC62>:?8 2?5 5:8:E2= C25:@D]k^Am

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