Kevin Hart gets carried off TNF Amazon Prime set by NFL legend in bizarre on-camera sequence

KEVIN Hart and Andrew Whitworth have surprised TV viewers on the TNF Amazon Prime pre-game show with a wild on-camera interaction.

Football fans were left stunned after the star comedian was lifted off his feet and carried away from the Thursday night football set by a former NFL legend.

Kevin Hart and Andrew Whitworth had a bizarre on-camera moment on Thursday


Kevin Hart and Andrew Whitworth had a bizarre on-camera moment on ThursdayCredit: NFL / Amazon Prime
NFL fans were shocked to see Hart get carried off the set


NFL fans were shocked to see Hart get carried off the setCredit: Getty

Hart joined the pre-game show to discuss his native Philadelphia Eagles and their matchup against the Minnesota Vikings.

He was alongside host Charissa Thompson and former NFL stars Tony Gonzales, Richard Sherman, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Whitworth.

The crew discussed the TNF battle and who they believed would win but also talked about how Hart sustained a severe lower-body injury from racing a friend in the street recently.

And at the end of the segment, Thompson asked Hart if he wanted any help or assistance off the stage.

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“Do you want Whit to carry you off-set?” Thomson asked 

However, Whitworth took matters into his own hands before the actor could answer.

The former Super Bowl Champion with the Los Angeles Rams hilariously picks up Hart and carries him off the stage.

“If you touch me, Whit, I swear if you drop me, Whit, I swear, ” Hart says while being carried out.

Fans rushed to social media to comment on the funny interaction, with many praising the segment.

One said: “Makes for fun TV. Kevin Hart is a performer. He knew what he was doing. He entertains… and does it well.”

Another joked: “Manhandling a grown (lil) man like that is embarrassing. Haha.”

A third: “Kevin always brings some entertainment! Let’s go, boyz!”

And a fourth stated: “The Rock is going to get jealous seeing this!! Only he can treat Kevin this way!!”

Hart joined the Amazon Prime's TNF pre-game show


Hart joined the Amazon Prime’s TNF pre-game showCredit: NFL / Amazon Prime
Whitworth won a Super Bowl with the Rams


Whitworth won a Super Bowl with the RamsCredit: Getty

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