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Everything Apple Announced at Its iPhone 15 Event

Speaker 1: We’re so excited you could join us today for some big announcements about two essential products, apple Watch and iPhone.

Speaker 2: Apple Watch series nine has been redesigned on the inside with the all new SS nine sip, giving it a big boost in performance and capabilities. It’s our most powerful watch chip yet the S nine C P U has 5.6 billion transistors, 60% more than series eight, and its G P U is 30% faster. [00:00:30] The new SS nine chip makes the animations and effects and watch OSS 10 look super smooth. SS nine also has a new four core neural engine that can process machine learning tasks up to twice as fast Apple silicon enhances. Another one of our users’ favorite nearby or far away features the ability to pinging your iPhone. Series nine has a new second generation ultra wideband chip that enables precision finding for iPhones. With the same [00:01:00] chip, you’ll see both the distance and direction to your iPhone, and once you get close, haptic and audible feedback guide you to its location, even if it’s in a different room. Ultra Wideband also brings new integration between Apple Watch and HomePod. When you get close to your HomePod, media suggestions will automatically appear at the top of the smart stack, so you can instantly fire up a playlist or podcast.

Speaker 3: Introducing double tap. Just tap [00:01:30] your index finger and thumb together twice. It’s that easy. You can use double tap to answer a call. Let me show you. Hi, Deidre. Hey, Jeff. This same gesture also works to end the call. See you later.

Speaker 4: Okay, bye.

Speaker 3: Double tap controls the primary button in an app, so you can use it to stop a timer. Play [00:02:00] and pauses music or snooze an alarm. A double tap will also launch the smart stack from your watch face. Double tap again to scroll through the widgets just like turning the digital crown. This new gesture is enabled by the powerful neural engine in series nine, which processes data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and optical heart sensor in a completely new way. And that’s the new Apple Watch Series nine. It features a magical [00:02:30] new way to control your watch with double tap faster on-device Siri that lets you securely access health data precision finding for iPhone and a brighter display all enabled by the S nine sip. Our most powerful chip ever in Apple Watch and it’s Apple’s first ever carbon neutral product

Speaker 4: Ultra two gets the powerful new SS nine sip. That means you can use the new double tap gesture anytime your [00:03:00] hands are full. Set a away point using just your voice with the new on-device. Siri, even when you have no connectivity and precision finding with the second generation Ultra wideband chip helps you easily find your iPhone when you can’t remember where it’s stowed. Ultra two also has a new advanced display architecture that pushes the brightness to a massive 3000 knits. It’s the brightest display Apple has ever created and makes Ultra two more readable in the harshest sunlight. [00:03:30] To take advantage of this incredible display, we created an exclusive new watch face called Modular Ultra. It’s the first to use the outermost edge of the display to show real-time data like altitude depth or the passing seconds.

Speaker 3: It comes with all the features users love about Ultra plus the powerful SS nine sip apple’s brightest display ever. An expanded altitude range on device Siri, and a brand new gesture for easy control of your watch. These innovations [00:04:00] and the advancements in watchOS 10 make our most rugged and capable watch even better. Ultra two joins series nine in the lineup along with the popular second generation Apple Watch se, and we’re excited to announce that SE is also carbon neutral when paired with a sport loop, which means this fall customers can buy a carbon neutral model of any new Apple Watch. The Apple Watch SE starts at just 2 49. The new series [00:04:30] nine starts at 3 99 and Apple Watch Ultra two is 7 99. You can order the new Apple Watch models starting today, and they will be available on September 22nd.

Speaker 5: IPhone 15 has an all new design that’s simply gorgeous starting from the front. It has the dynamic island, which has been a hit with our pro users. The dynamic island fluidly expands and adapts to your alerts and live activities. [00:05:00] Creating an experience that’s so intuitive, it feels magical. Now even more users can easily control their music or see the next direction. In maps, our amazing community of developers have made the dynamic island even more useful. By expanding what it can do. Now you can track a pizza delivery and follow the big game at the same time. When you’re catching a flight, you can see which gate you’re leaving from and how long until [00:05:30] boarding time. It’s more helpful than ever. We’re always looking for ways to make it easier for everyone to take gorgeous photos. So we are bringing an amazing 48 megapixel main camera to iPhone 15.

Speaker 5: It’s built for shooting sharp photos and videos every day with a quad pixel sensor and 100% focus pixels. For fast auto focus, U S B C become a universally accepted standard. [00:06:00] So we are bringing U S B C to iPhone 15. It enables charging, transferring data, playing audio and video, and it’s been built into Apple products for years. Now the same cable can charge Mac, iPad, iPhone, and even AirPods Pro second generation, which is updated with a U S V C connector. If your AirPods are low on power, you can charge them or even an Apple watch right from [00:06:30] your iPhone. We’re also bringing U SS V C to EarPods so they can work with iPhone 15 seamlessly. So that’s iPhone 15. It has so many innovations that you can use every day. Like the dynamic island of 48 megapixel main camera that provides a two x telephoto and a 16 bionic iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 plus are a huge leap forward. They’re full of new industry [00:07:00] leading capabilities. They still start at just seven ninety nine for iPhone 15 and eight ninety nine for iPhone 15 plus with carrier activation.

Speaker 1: The next generation Pro pushes each of these further in ways only Apple can, and I’d like to introduce it to you now.

Speaker 6: We are thrilled to introduce our astonishing new titanium design. This is the most premium material we’ve ever used in an iPhone enclosure. Titanium is incredibly strong and [00:07:30] durable, yet at the same time, it is much lighter making these our lightest pro models ever. From the very first iPhone, we’ve had the ring silent switch. A quick and easy way to mute iPhone sounds. We wanted to make this even better. So with iPhone 15 Pro, we are reinventing the experience with a customizable action button.

Speaker 6: By default, it’s still a simple ring silent switch. To toggle between [00:08:00] ring and silent. You simply press and hold the button to confirm your intent. You also feel a distinctive haptic feedback for each state, and you can choose from a set of actions and easily switch between them. For example, with a simple press, you can start voice memos to quickly record a new idea or launch camera to capture that important moment. Activate a favorite accessibility feature like live speech, or you can use shortcuts to open up [00:08:30] an even wider set of options from simply launching your favorite app to running your own custom shortcuts.

Speaker 7: IPhone can shoot higher resolution photos in 24, 28 and 35 millimeter focal length, a very important range for pro photographers. They can now quickly switch between these new options and even choose a new default lens customizing camera experience to their creative needs. For iPhone 15 Pro Max, [00:09:00] we’re using the extra size of the larger iPhone to introduce something unique. Our longest optical zoom, yet five x optical zoom at 120 millimeter focal length. We designed a state-of-the-art telephoto camera compared to iPhone 14 Pro max. It has a 25% larger sensor, 100% focus pixels, and an F 2.8 aperture. The largest of any smartphone at this optical range. 120 [00:09:30] millimeter is a very useful focal length, great for closeups wildlife photos and getting closer to the sports action. 120 millimeter lenses are typically long, so instead we created an innovative tetra prism design built right into iPhone. The light rays are reflected four times through the glass structure, allowing the light to travel for longer in a much smaller [00:10:00] design.

Speaker 6: With iPhone 15 Pro, you can now capture spatial videos.

Speaker 6: We use the ultra wide and main cameras together to create a three-dimensional video. You can then relive these memories in a magical way On Apple Vision Pro. This is really important as your iPhone is with you all the time, so you won’t ever miss capturing a special moment using spatial video. So this is the iPhone 15 Pro, our best and most pro iPhone ever. With a [00:10:30] new, beautiful, strong, and lighter titanium design, as well as next level performance from the A 17 pro, a convenient and customizable action button and our most pro camera system. For our best photos and videos ever, including next generation portraits and our longest optical Zoom and iPhone 15 Pro Max, all while still providing great all day battery life. The iPhone 15 Pro will start at the same price as last year, nine ninety nine. [00:11:00] An iPhone 15 Pro Max, featuring the new five x telephoto camera will start at 1199 with 256 gigabytes of storage, which also matches last year’s price. With this level of storage, we also have incredible offers from Apple and our carrier partners, including up to a thousand dollars off in the US. When you trade in an iPhone 11 Pro or newer, all new iPhone models will be available for pre-order this Friday, September 15th, and they’ll be available [00:11:30] in stores next week on September 22nd. Thank

Speaker 1: You for joining us. Have a great day.

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