Letters: Jimmy Buffett’s songs were the soundtrack of fans’…


The death of Jimmy Buffett was a particularly hard hit for his legions of Lowcountry fans.

He sang of our lifestyle: boats, beaches, bars and bare feet.

He was married to a Carolina girl and had family in the area.

If you weren’t a fan, you might be forgiven for thinking he was a lightweight musician, singing only frothy songs of escapism.

Whether you were hanging at Shem Creek, on Capers, by the pool or on the boat, his songs were the only music you needed for a day of fun in the Carolina sun.

But his music and lyrics were much more than that, as his fans knew.

We will miss the man, but for many of us over the past 50 years, we are profoundly grateful to have been provided with what was the soundtrack of our lives.



TV fight hurts viewers

For those of us who have DirecTV as the preferred satellite television service provider, we have been deprived for more than two months of enjoying NBC programs.

Of course, the usual comment flashed on the screen from DirecTV is that the company is trying to negotiate a fair rate from Nexstar Media Group, which owns 159 television stations. No results thus far.

The negotiations have ended and the future is unclear.

As we are now approaching the peak of hurricane season, we do not have weathercaster Rob Fowler of NBC affiliate WCBD-TV giving his analysis of an approaching storm.

Likewise, as college and professional football games have commenced, there is a void for customers who enjoy this programming.

A dispute between Spectrum and The Walt Disney Co. recently left subscribers without ESPN and several other stations.

And with this absence of NBC programs on DirecTV, I am certain there will be no decrease in the fees. When will this end?

I predict there will be a major exodus of customers from DirecTV after the debacle of handling these negotiations.



Seabird’s space limited

I read with great interest the article about the Seabird, a boutique hotel to be built on the southeast corner of Hibben and Whilden streets in Mount Pleasant’s Old Village.

I am sure it will be as lovely as the Post House is and the Giles Inn before that.

My only question is where will the lodgers park? The lot is a little less than 100 by 130 feet.

I don’t know the footprint of the hotel, but it looks rather large.


Mount Pleasant

Hawaii has C-17s too

A recent letter to the editor suggested that we commission the Air Force to utilize Charleston’s C-17 airlift capabilities to relieve the suffering on Maui.

That probably won’t happen since Hickam Air Force Base on Oahu has significant airlift capability using its own C-17 aircraft.

We also could use aircraft already staged on the West Coast at much less expense.


North Charleston

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