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Apple could be trying to expand its library when it comes to classical music and to do so, it has purchased a Swedish classical record label. This comes as the company has just recently debuted its Apple Music Classical app.

Apple Recently Acquired the Swedish Classical Record Label Called BIS Records

According to the story by CNBC, Apple has just recently acquired BIS Records, which is a Swedish record label that has been in the business for 50 years. The company focuses mainly on classical music and is known for how it attracts fans of classical music.

The founder of BIS Records, Robert von Bahr, recently shared how Apple purchased the record company and how it would be added to the company’s other services. The services mentioned were the Apple Music Classical and Platoon.

Von Bahr recently said that both the Swedish record company, as well as Apple, have similarities and that they even share certain perspectives. The founder highlighted how both of them wanted to preserve audio quality.

BIS Records Founder Shared How Apple Also Loved Music and had Features which Preserved Classical Music

The BIS Records founder also pointed out Apple’s surround-sound spatial audio tech as an example of how the platform tries to preserve audio quality. Von Bahr also highlighted that the feature was something that he himself has followed.

In a statement, Von Bahr also highlighted how the Swedish record label’s specialty was being able to pay their dues while also nurturing young classical artists as well as interesting living composers. This was all for the safeguarding of music and the founder explains how they all represent it moving into the future.

So far, the founder said that Apple has its own history when it comes to innovation and love of music. It was also noted that Apple has its own storied history when it comes to innovation as well as the love of music.

Apple is Trying to Compete in the Classical Music Space with Its Previous Purchase of Primephonic

Von Bahr also shared how Apple was an ideal home when it came to entering what was described as the “next era of classical” while also guaranteeing that the iPhone maker has shown its commitment to building the future of classical music,

So far, this acquisition is an example of how Apple is trying to go up against rivals like Spotify with a greater focus on classical music. It was noted that in 2021, the company also purchased another classical music streaming service known as Primephonic, although the sum wasn’t disclosed.

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Apple Music Classic Streaming App Lets Subscribers to Access Music Through Different Data

It was noted that Apple finally launched its own streaming app focused on classical music, Apple Music Classical, as a way for the subscribers of its Apple Music to be able to get access to over five million classical tracks.

These classical tracks are searchable through things like their composer, conductor, or even their catalog number, making it easier for classic music fans to search for their favorite music.

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