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This episode’s special guest on TRI-POD, The Moodie Davitt Report’s video podcast series in association with The SEVA Group, is Pauline Prescott, the founder of Formulae Prescott – a ‘smart skincare’ brand that offers multi-tasking products that are both convenient and effective. 

The clean, vegan beauty specialist was founded seven years ago and is represented with promising results in travel retail by Vincent McDermotts TR Partners. Formulae Prescott already has an impressively strong position in the UK and Ireland, promising export growth in North America and strong potential in the Middle East and Asia. Pauline believes travel retail is among the brand’s key distribution channels.

In this chat with co-hosts Martin Moodie and Roger Jackson (The Seva Group), Pauline talks about her childhood in Liverpool, lessons she learnt as a ballerina and how it helped her prepare for everything else in life”. 

The serial entrepreneur created Formulae Prescott after discovering a lack of efficient skincare products suitable for her time-pressed life. She says, “Theres no skincare regime or formulations that have been developed to tackle three or four tasks at once, so I can have less products in my bathroom, on the counter and in my briefcase when I travel. That was really the impetus behind it. 

Martin and Roger fly Pauline on (distinctly) low cost carrier TRI-POD Airlines towards our resident desert island. Later (fuel permitting) we fly her to the destination that resides at the top of her bucket list. Where will it be?

In 2017, British journalist India Knight gave a glowing review about Formulae Prescott products for The Times. “It said that we were the best travel product she had discovered and that everybody should have a try – was sorry she hadn’t discovered it before summer holidays. That piece of press really turned around the entire story for us, Pauline recalls.

“We were then contacted by easyJet, British Airways, Norwegian Air and Thomas Cook. We went from being open for a few months to having all our inventory bought by travel-related companies.”

As always with TRI-POD, we fly our guest on ultra-low cost carrier TRI-POD Airlines to our resident desert island (with offshore duty free status). There she reveals her favoured duty free purchases, choice of reading and music, and the wonderfully diverse and intelligent trio of guests she would invite to a private dinner party. As for her chosen destination after leaving TRI-POD Island, lets just say we might need to invest in a seaplane.

Take a listen to this delightfully engaging and insightful TRI-POD episode. We guarantee you will be inspired by Pauline’s journey and her vision for the clean beauty brand in the travel retail channel. ✈

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