Classical Music: Apple acquires this 50-year-old


Earlier this year, Apple launched a dedicated app for classical music. As the name suggests, the idea behind the app is to be a specialised offering at a target set of users who enjoy classical music. Since the app was launched, there hasn’t been much talk about it from Apple’s side. Now, however, it seems like something may be in the offing as Apple Music has acquired a 50-year-old classical music company called BIS Records, according to a report by Apple Insider.
Robert von Bahr, founder, BIS Records, revealed it in a blog post. “As proud as I am of this milestone, I am even more proud of the fact that the entire personnel of BIS, including me, have been retained. We all look forward to a future, filled with new music and artists in golden sound from this increased force in classical music,” he said on being acquired by Apple.
Apple is the ‘right partner’
The founder of the record company said that they were looking for a partner that could build on the company’s history and ensure that classical music reaches to new audiences. “Apple, with its own storied history of innovation and love of music, is the ideal home to usher in the next era of classical and has shown true commitment towards building a future in which classical music and technology work in harmony,” he said.
There are no details available about the financial terms of the deal. So far, Apple has also not commented on the acquisition. Apple has a penchant for acquiring companies and not making big announcements, so we don’t expect to hear much from the tech giant.
Von Bahr, on the other hand, added, “Apple and BIS also share a fundamental belief in the importance of preserving audio quality. As you are all aware, BIS has always been about exceptional sound quality, and Apple’s dedication to sound, as well as to Spatial Audio, is something I have followed with interest.”

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