‘I was trying to outdo Tom Cruise’: Will Smith tells Kevin Hart how he studies the USD 600 million star for movie promotions


The third-season finale of Hart to Heart, hosted by Kevin Hart, took an unexpected turn when Will Smith joined the show for an engaging and laughter-filled conversation. Amidst the humor, Smith and Hart delved into Smith’s rise to becoming one of the most marketable actors globally, drawing inspiration from none other than Hollywood icon Tom Cruise.

Will Smith on his blueprint for promotions

In a candid confession, Will Smith named Tom Cruise as the blueprint for his promotional strategies early in his career. Smith emphasized Cruise’s unwavering commitment to movie promotions, describing how he closely observed and studied every move made by the Mission Impossible million star. Smith openly admitted, “Tom was the blueprint to me for promotions. He took it most seriously. And I watched him. I studied everything that he did. And I was trying to outdo Tom Cruise in terms of promotion.” 

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Kevin Hart and Will Smith (Photo: Peacock)

Tom Cruise’s competitive edge

As the conversation unfolded, Kevin Hart playfully chimed in, describing Cruise as “so f***ing competitive” and humorously mentioning his tendency to be a “close talker.” Smith concurred, noting Cruise’s determination to ensure others understand his words. Hart said, “He’s so f***ing competitive… a close talker too.” Smith responded, “He just wants you to understand what he said.” highlighting the influence Cruise had on his approach to marketing his films. To illustrate this, the two stars engaged in a comical impersonation of a conversation with Cruise, mimicking his intense and engaging style. They ended with Hart impersonating Cruise’s distinctive laugh.

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Despite never having worked directly with Tom Cruise in their film careers, both Kevin Hart and Will Smith acknowledged Cruise’s aggressive competitiveness and unwavering dedication as integral to his remarkable success in the industry. Their light-hearted exchange on Hart to Heart shed light on how Cruise’s influence extended beyond his acting prowess, inspiring fellow actors like Smith to elevate their promotional game in Hollywood.

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