Kevin Hart Stars in Goodfellas-inspired Gran Coramino Tequila Ad


One of the things that makes Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas a masterpiece is the nearly three-minute scene filmed continuously in one take by a single camera following a mobster and his wife getting the VIP treatment at the Copacabana nightclub. Kevin Hart’s Gran Coramino Tequila is paying tribute to that moment with a “Club Coramino” ad starring the comedian and his wife, Eniko Hart.

The ad is directed by Sam Washington through Hart’s entertainment company Hartbeat and its studio and marketing consultancy PULSE. It shows the Harts arriving at the lively Club Coramino, walking through the kitchen and greeting everyone at the restaurant. Emmy-winning actor Michael Imperioli, who had a small role in Goodfellas, appears in the ad to recreate another iconic scene set in the Copacabana: the tense “funny how” confrontation between Ray Liotta and Joe Pesci.

“We approach our brand work as co-storytellers, bringing together the best of entertainment and advertising to accelerate brands both within Kevin’s ecosystem and beyond,” Hartbeat CEO Thai Randolph told Adweek. “Our PULSE team was thrilled to collaborate so closely with the Gran Coramino team to create something truly unique for audiences through this cinematic vignette.”

The campaign premieres ahead of Labor Day to emphasize Gran Coramino’s “Hard Work Taste Different” brand platform. The theme is found throughout the film, with Hart giving a woman a complimentary bottle of Cristalino to congratulate her for earning a promotion. He also steps on stage to raise a toast with a glass of tequila “to the good people who work hard to make great nights even better,” looking toward the camera to encourage everyone to celebrate the hard work that they do.

“I am so proud of this campaign,” Hart told Adweek. “From the visuals to the creative, the collaboration between my Hartbeat and Gran Coramino team was a special endeavor. I loved seeing everyone come together with a singular vision and pull it off at the highest level. Honoring our customers and their individual efforts at working their hardest is what Gran Coramino is all about.”

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