Classical Music Playlist, August 22, 2023


Claude Debussy’s “Images for Orchestra” is a five movement work in three parts. The first movement, “Gigues,” is evocative of Debussy’s memories of England including a Tyneside folk tune as a theme. In the fifth movement, “Rondes de printemps (“Round dances of spring”),” he uses two French tunes. The middle three movements form their own triptych within the triptych, “Ibéria,” Debussy’s impressions of Spain:

1. Par les rues et par les chemins (Along the streets and along the paths)
2. Les parfums de la nuit (The scents of the night)
3. Le matin d’un jour de fête (The morning of a festive day) – a procession of a ‘banda de guitarras’

As we celebrate Claude Debussy’s birthday today (born 1862) with his music throughout the day, tune in to hear the complete five-movement “Images for Orchestra” for today’s Midday Masterpiece.

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