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New York, NY (Top40 Charts) Mother West announces the release of the official soundtrack playlist from the Universal Pictures film The List out today on VOD. Directed by Melissa Miller Costanzo, The List follows bright-eyed Abby (Halston Sage) who finds her life in freefall after her fiancé (Jonah Platt) sleeps with a celebrity on his “free pass” list. To distract herself from his cheating, Abby and her best friend Chloe (Chrissie Fit) decide the only way she can move forward is to sleep with a celebrity from her own list. Abby sets out for Los Angeles, the “perfect” place to meet the leading man of her dreams, but when she meets Jake (Christian Navarro), a charming local waiter with big dreams of his own, she starts to reconsider what it is that she’s looking for.

Music Supervisor Charles Newman (All These Small Moments, Millennium Bugs) worked with Miller to find the songs for the film while bringing select artists in to write custom tracks for certain scenes. What resulted was a diverse collection of tracks spanning genres from indie-folk, hip-hop, indie-pop, and rock creating a modern fun soundtrack taking us from the streets of NYC to the beaches of LA.

The score for the film was composed by Maxton Waller who also contributes two indie rock songs along with the soundtrack featuring music from fellow indie artists Sandflower, The Bones of JR Jones, Kris Gruen, Carly Pearl, Frank Bell, PLEASE, Oshima Brothers, Byland, Mother Feather, The Cavves, Austin Hartley-Leonard, Long Live Phoenix, and The Davenports. Along with Newman adding music production efforts from his LA-based Cottage Sounds studio, NYC producers David Sisko and Mike Abiuso were brought on to help hash out some of the productions on the custom tracks.

Sheela who recently released their debut single “Love Like That” has the opening title song and is the outlaw country rock side project of troubadour Kate Vargas and partners in crime Ruby James and Liv Mueller. The end title track “Waiting (Scenes from a Lonely Planet)” by LA rockers Aloud brings their infectious melodies and energy to the mix and is the second time Miller has used their music as the film closer.

Music Supervisor Charles Newman adds: “It was great to work with Melissa again on this film after we got to know each other working on All These Small Moments. It was a fun and creative process to bring in artists to write some songs for this, as well as work through ideas to find the right tracks that fit the film. She [Miller] is very musical and can be really picky and I think we landed on a great soundtrack for this one!”

Director Melissa Miller adds: “I think the hardest thing about doing a rom-com is finding the right music. You want it to be catchy and have enough energy to feel familiar and move the story along. I worked with Charles on my first film so he knew how I operated. I wasn’t always able to bring references to the table but when I hear something that is right, I know instantly. He has the patience to deal with that and always has new ideas. I also tend to lean towards classic rock from the ’70’s in my own life so I had to remind myself that this music was to service the film. I am so thrilled with what our soundtrack turned out to be. Amazing artists that are all so talented and unique in their own way – and I even got to sneak in some classic rock!”

Charles Newman of Mother West is a Music Producer, Composer, Supervisor, and Publisher who has spent many years in the recording studio making records with his band PLEASE and marrying music to film and TV while building a DIY indie label and music publishing catalog to support a plethora of artists in all corners of the music business.





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