What makes Kacey Musgraves and Zach Bryan’s ‘I Remember Everything’ a hit? Singer releases his second album


LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Zach Bryan’s second album is out! The new self-titled label features fellow country singer Kacey Musgraves’ collaboration song ‘I Remember Everything.’


In the song, the couple looks at their relationship from different perspectives and tragically falls out of love.

What is the theme of the song?

‘I Remember Everything’ is marked by Bryan’s signature. It is emotionally charged, yet has poetic lyricism.

It opens with an acoustic guitar, singing, “Rot gut whiskey’s gonna ease my mind / Beach town rests on the ‘drying’ line / Do I remind you of your daddy in his 88 Ford? / Labrador hanging out the passenger door / The sand from your hair is blowing in my eyes / Blame it on the beach grown men don’t cry.” 


Zach finally breaks into lyrics, “I remember, I remember everything,” as Musgraves joins in. “You’re drinking everything to ease your mind / When in the hell are you gonna ease mine / You’re like concrete feet in the summer heat / It burns like hell when two souls meet / And you’ll never be the man you always swore / But I’ll remember your singing in that ’88 Ford.”


How did Zach form a strong fanbase?

Before releasing his first album ‘American Heartbreak’ in 2022, the talented country singer was serving in the Navy.

As per The New York Times, the 27-year-old used to sharing his music online and soon became a runaway success.

His debut album reached at number five spot and remained for months on the Billboard 200 album chart.


The young artist is a fan of the ‘Stubborn Love’ group and invited them to be at one of his live shows.

“From your EP to Cleopatra, I cannot express how much your guys influence has changed my life and music style. I just want to thank you all so dearly,” he earlier wrote to them.

The Lumineers responded and wrote in a post, “How it started vs. how it’s going,” they said in the caption.

“We know @zachlanebryan has been a fan for a while and we admired his songwriting on his last album. We finally connected, and writing a song together was an organic next step in our musical relationship. Listen to ‘Spotless’ at the link in bio.”


Zach Bryan performed on the Episode 7 Season 5 of 'Yellow Stone' (John Lamparski/Getty Images)
Zach Bryan performed on the Episode 7 Season 5 of ‘Yellow Stone’ (John Lamparski/Getty Images)

Zach was also in the spotlight for expressing his support of the transgender community. His comment came amid Anheuser-Busch products’ controversial ad campaign and country singer Travis Tritt boycotting the beer maker.


“I mean no disrespect towards anyone specifically, I don’t even mind @Travistritt,” Bryan tweeted.

“I just think insulting transgender people is completely wrong because we live in a country where we can all just be who we want to be. It’s a great day to be alive I thought,” reports People.

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