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The past inspires the future. That’s the underlying message behind Soorty’s “Looking Back to Move Forward” collection, a Fall/Winter 2024-2025 concept that examines the past, present and future of denim fashion. 

In the collection, the vertically integrated Pakistani denim manufacturer examines how denim evolves with culture and how it honors the past by using innovative materials and technologies. 

It includes Black Theory, a range of overdyed garments with a lower carbon footprint; Ever Fit, a line of high performance jeans that stretch while retaining their shape; Ever Comfort, jeans with engineered comfort stretch and that uses zero elastane; and ReSync, a line of adaptive denim. 

Noman Nadir Khan, Soorty’s VP of R&D and product development, denim, said the fabrics in the collection are “engineered to be the perfect base for everything that comes after.” He added that Soorty “boasts one of the world’s most versatile spinning mills, with the ability to run 15 different fibers efficiently at any given time.” 

While garments in the collection are classic and timeless in shape, Soorty added novelty with washes, coatings and embroideries. 


Tahir Rana said two pieces in the collection stood out and got considerable attention and praise from customers. The first was a loose-fitting hoodie with special embroidery, adding a unique and eye-catching element to the design. “This hoodie likely resonated with customers due to its combination of comfort and intricate detailing, creating a balance between casual and stylish aesthetics,” he said. 

The second standout was a worn-out denim dungaree with archival aesthetics and intentional damage giving it a unique look. “A fashion statement that embodies a sense of authenticity and individuality, this piece held special value in the eyes of the customers who were looking for an authentically aged garment with our Smart Care Laundry process,” Tahir Rana said.  

Gender-neutral pieces in the collection aim to challenge norms. 


Though a new report by Highnsnobiety suggests that consumers are beginning to tire of how brands approach gender-neutral design, Umer Tahir Rana, Soorty’s senior manager, marketing communications, R&D and garments, said clients are working to build fluid designs into their collections.

“There is a growing need for gender-neutral concepts in various businesses, including the denim industry. Many clients are now asking for inclusive and varied approaches to accommodate a greater range of identities and preferences. The development of more inclusive, gender-neutral products by designers is encouraged,” he said. 

Before each season, Tahir Rana said the Soorty team meets with key trend experts and forecasters to understand consumer behavior and what’s next in food, music, fashion and subcultures. 

“We merge this information with [feedback from] our sales teams which gives us a starting point,” he said. “Having a global footprint with offices, showrooms and design hubs in different parts of the world and working hands-on with our customers enables us to determine [our direction and tailor collections to what is in demand]. 


The collection encompasses a wide range of washes, “each contributing its own unique character,” Tahir Rana said. 

Online retail is an opportunity for denim brands, but the tactility of fabrics is increasingly important to consumers who want comfortable and unique products. Soorty is offering 3D-textured fabrics with special dobby design weaves, woven knits, stripes, 1/1 chambray, 2/1, 3/1, canvas designs, as well as regular and irregular satin weaves. 

Among them are stonewash, dark washes that “exude a sense of depth and richness,” faded looks with a worn-in appearance and acid washes bringing an edgy vibe with their bleached and marbled effects. Other effects include double-dye techniques that add color depth to garments. Eroded surfaces create a distressed appearance reminiscent of weathered textures and vintage washes evoke nostalgia.  

“Together, this diverse range of washes adds depth, variety, and individuality to the collection,” he said.

Clients are responding positively to the collection, according to Nadir Khan, who said Soorty has seen several selections and sampling requests from many major brands. Rigid and comfort-stretch fabrics with an authentic look are garnering the most attention.

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