Every song in The Monkey King movie soundtrack explored


What songs are included in the soundtrack of The Monkey King?

Music has always been a key aspect of filmmaking and that’s especially the case in musicals such as the latest animated arrival on Netflix, The Monkey King, which boasts a soundtrack of songs written by Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss of Six: The Musical.

Release date of The Monkey King and plot summary

Netflix will release The Monkey King on August 18, 2023.

Jimmy O. Yang stars as the titular character of The Monkeyking, a film about an egotistical monkey with charisma who sets out on an epic journey to conquer 100 demons using his magic fighting Stick and becomes a god.

During the action-packed adventure, Monkey King is joined by Lin, a young girl from a village he ‘saves’ who challenges his self-centered nature and shows him that even a small pebble can have an enormous effect on the world around them.

Inspired by the centuries-old novel Journey to the West, published during the Ming dynasty in the 16th century, The Monkey King is styled as a ‘lost chapter’ of the classic Chinese legend.

The Monkey King Soundtrack

As well as featuring a host of licensed songs, The Monkey King’s soundtrack also includes several original songs that are performed during the film.

Who is the composer of this score?

As well as the film’s musical numbers, The Monkey King also features an original score that is the work of composer Toby Chu.

The Washington DC-born musician has been composing music for film and TV since the mid-2000s and his previous credits include Netflix’s Fistful of Vengeance and Found, Apple TV+ animated series Stillwater as well as Call of Duty Modern Warfare II, Surf’s Up 2 and the Pixar short Bao.

Chu worked on television series including True Lies Covert Affairs Burn Notice The Riches.

Toby Chu’s score and the original songs for The Monkey King have been compiled into an album that has been released alongside the film and is available to stream now on Spotify and Apple Music.

The Monkey King was Available to stream Netflix is now available after the release on Friday, 18 August 2023.

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