Vital Reset psilocybin service center opens in Hood River | News


HOOD RIVER — One of Oregon’s first psilocybin service centers, Vital Reset, officially welcomed their first client on July 31 and will continue accepting applicants to utilize the psychedelic magic mushrooms as a tool to heal or just explore themselves.

When Oregon voters passed Measure 109, which gave the Oregon Health Authority the power to license and regulate the manufacturing, transportation, and sale of psilocybin products through these service centers, Heidi Venture and John Nelson never imagined that they would be one of those service centers.


The magic mushrooms are safely stored for a client session.

Nature room.jpg

The nature room is a peaceful refuge in the offices of Vital Reset. These rooms will be where clients experience the psychedelics with a licensed facilitator. 


Clients will wear a sleeping mask while experiencing the effects of psychedelics.


Room decorations are prepared to be put on the walls in one of the service center room.

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