Will Smith confesses Kevin Hart and The Rock were kicking his ass at the box office


Will Smith had already appeared in controlled interviews after he slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars last year, he still hadn’t made an appearance where he felt more open and comfortable. One of the people who is his great friend and from Philadelphia as well is comedian Kevin Hart. He happens to have a show on Peacock called ‘Heart to Heart’, where he interviews other celebrities in a more intimate setting. This is not like his show ‘Cold as Balls’ from the LOL Network. Hart gets to ask difficult questions and get more into the craft of the person he has in front of him. People expected him to ask a question about the infamous slap but Keving Hart understood it was a played out subject matter. No questions about that came but he did get real about competition at the box office.

Will Smith acknowledges Kevin Hart and The rock’s superiority

During the long interview, the two of them spoke about Will Smith’s struggles with fame alongside his family. They also discussed how Steven Spielberg convinced him to do ‘Men In Black’, and how deep he got into his ‘Emancipation’ role. But the funniest bit of the interview was when Kevin tried to ask why Will Smith took a break right after filming ‘Focus’. The ‘King Richard’ star didn’t skip a beat when he said: “I saw you and The Rock whooping my ass at the box office. I was like, that can’t happen. That’s what happened, I’m keeping it real. You and The Rock were whooping my ass at the box office. And I knew you were talking about me behind my back, I could tell. We’re from Philly, you and me. I was like, he got a new friend now. He got a body building friend now.”

Clearly, Will Smith was sort of joking when he quipped that but parts of what he said are definitely rooted in reality. There was a moment in which the actor made the decision to stop trying to make films that were confirmed box office hits before they were even made. He took a route that eventually took him back to making Academy Award-winning movies. We all know how that panned out last year, he won an Oscar for his performance in ‘King Richard’ in spite of everything that happened during the ceremony. But again, no mention of the slap and maybe a good decision on Kevin Hart’s part. He wanted to make Will Smith feel comfortable and open up about other topics.

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