Kevin Hart and Will Smith razz ‘close talker’ Tom Cruise on ‘Hart to Heart’


Host Kevin Hart and guest Will Smith do some 'close talk' a la Tom Cruise.

Kevin Hart and guest Will Smith do some ‘close talk’ a la Tom Cruise. (Photo: Peacock)

What began as an intimate conversation between Kevin Hart and Will Smith on Thursday’s season finale of Hart to Heart turned into two superstars cracking up while mimicking another superstar for being “a close talker.”

The Peacock talk show that features Hart conducting sit-down, hour-long interviews with A-list talent wrapped up its third season with an appearance by Smith. And at one point in the conversation, the topic turned to Smith’s marketability as a movie star early in his career, with Hart pointing out how Smith worked his way up to being one of the most marketable actors on the planet, alongside Tom Cruise.

“Tom was the blueprint to me for promotions,” Smith said. “He took it most seriously. And I watched him. I studied everything that he did. And I was trying to outdo Tom Cruise in terms of promotion.”

That’s when Hart threw in a few lines of his own about Cruise: “He’s so f***ing competitive… a close talker too.” To which Smith responded, “He just wants you to understand what he said.”

And at that point, the pair got in close to each other’s faces and started talking fast, mimicking an intense conversation they might have with Cruise. And it ended with Hart impersonating Cruise’s laugh.

Smith went on to describe how he will try to laugh and cross his arms to pull away from Cruise, but then Cruise just gets right back in close.

Neither Hart or Smith have worked directly with Cruise in any films, but they both summated after their exchange about his close talking tendencies that it’s all part of what makes Cruise so successful.

“He’s f***ing aggressive, that’s the aggressive, competitive nature,” Hart said.

“He gets it done,” added Smith.

Hart to Heart is currently streaming on Peacock.

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