Star Trek Strange New Worlds’ Musical Soundtrack Now Stream…


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Strange New Worlds’ musical episode was a great episode of Star Trek, but it was also a humdinger of a musical—a soundtrack laden with a frankly distressing number of earworms. And now you can listen to it without having to queue up Paramount+.

After giving people a chance to watch “Subspace Rhapsody” yesterday, Paramount and Lakeshore Records have released an 11-track album dedicated to the episode’s musical numbers.

From the acapella take on Strange New Worlds’ main theme to the instrumental medley that plays over its credits, every song from the cast is on here—and while if you haven’t seen the episode you may want to hold off having a listen, it’s heartening that these largely cheesy, wonderfully earnest showtunes all retain some of their earworm nature outside the context of the episode’s narrative. That, or I think I might just be a sucker for hearing people rhyming about phaser banks and deflector shields regardless of context.

Click here to find the “Subspace Rhapsody” soundtrack on Apple Music, Youtube Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, and Qobuz.

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