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Friends share a special bond that cannot be expressed in words and to honour that, World Friendship Day is celebrated on July 30. Buying the best present for your friend is typically pretty tricky—but in our experience, finding a tech gift is notoriously difficult. But fear not—you don’t have to buy your friend yet another boring power bank or TWS. We’ve rounded up the best tech gifts for your friend including smart glasses and smart Bluetooth trackers.

Custom phone case

This is a great gift idea, especially for a childhood friend. A custom printed case with a phone of your favourite cartoon character from childhood or it could even be a picture of your favourite snack. A custom-printed case can be bought for less than Rs 500 and there are plenty of service providers that even deliver these products directly to your friend’s house for free.

Smart sunglasses

If you have a tech-savvy friend, a pair of smart glasses can be a great gift. Ranging from just Rs 1,000 to costing well over Rs 30,000 smart sunglasses come in all shapes and sizes. While a basic one will have limited functionality, a high-end product will offer a premium VR experience. Depending on your budget, get one that resonates with your ideas. The Razr Anzu, for example, is one of the most affordable yet feature-rich smart glasses on the market. It can be purchased for Rs 3,000.

Shower Bluetooth speaker

A shower Bluetooth speaker is another excellent product to give to your friends, especially for those, who can’t live without music, even while bathing. A shower Bluetooth speaker comes with an IP rating, making them waterproof. Typically, shower Bluetooth speakers are available starting at Rs 1,000.

Smart Bluetooth tracker

There’s always one friend who has a habit of forgetting keys and wallets. For that friend, we will recommend a smart Bluetooth tracker which can be purchased under Rs 1000. These can be easily attached to a keychain and they usually last for months before needing a battery replacement. When configured with a phone, users will receive an alarm as soon as they move away from the tracker, helping your friend to ensure the keys and the wallet always stay with them.

Kindle e-book reader

If your friend is an avid traveller and is always on the move, get them an e-book reader. When compared to a typical tablet, an e-book reader will have longer battery life and the e-ink display technology will also enable your friend to read her/his favourite book without straining eyes in almost every lighting condition. Amazon makes the best e-book readers in the world, and the Kindle library also has a large collection of ebooks.

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