Fans Left Shocked After Boxer Turns Opponent Into “Kevin Hart”


Who says boxing is all about spectacular attacks and defenses in the ring? Is it just about the spectacular prowess a boxer can show in his fight? Well, yes it is all of the above. But while we get these, we also sometimes get those moments that will leave an imprint on our memory. Either for being funny, quirky or just being entertaining.

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The sport of boxing has always kept its audience well-supplied with its share of memes and comedic content.

Earlier in June, we might have just gotten our next contender in this list of boxing memes. But it’s not all funny. Sometimes such moments remind us that boxing rests on the idea of sportsmanship and certain ethics. And this entirely revolves around the regard for fighters’ safety.


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“Some punches are unnecessary”: Fans have their say on a brutal knockout

A video posted to Overtimeboxing’s Instagram handle on the 4th of June saw two unidentifiable boxers battle each other decked in gear and everything. The video features one boxer administering a lethal knockout on his opponent. And fans on social media had a lot of things to say about the video. Umm, not about knockout though. It was in fact about how the opponent collapsed in the ring. The sheer body language of falling down seemed to resemble that of Kevin Hart.

Most viewers took the video in jest and gave their analogies. However, some were not that happy with how the referee did not stop the fighter from going all out on his opponent. While the collapse of the boxer seemed to amuse a few users, others were concerned about his safety. They further pondered whether such drastic attacks are necessary or do they make the sport a little too violent.

Rene Resendiz also sees the uncanny resemblance of the fighter’s collapse with Kevin Hart. The user commented, “He hit him so hard he turned into Kevin heart.”

Alex DC was not impressed with the knockout. The user thinks the fighter took it a little too far.  Alex commented, Some punches are unnecessary. Boxe is not Mortal Kombat.”

Roosevelt Hardy holds a contrasting opinion to Alex. The user defends the knockout and gives his insight into how knockouts generally work. He commented, “I don’t know what hell you guys are looking at , but that knockout happened within seconds ! Nothing the ref could do but watch like us ! That’s what boxers are trained for ! You just can’t turn it off once you’re swinging like that !”

Speaking of the referee, a vast majority of folks did not approve of the ref not stopping the fight. Stephen Mayroone commented, “The ref was knocked out too.


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A user reiterated the need to concentrate on the safety of the fighters and questioned the ethics of the fighter who got the KO. Kurt Hopson said, “I know he got disqualified for this BS, hit him after the bell. That’s weak AF. And I didn’t hear nothing about that from none of y’all.”

One thing is certain, while we do entertain ourselves with this video, there remains a persistent concern for the safety of the fighters. Boxing enthusiasts, governing bodies and fighters are increasingly pushing for regulations and rules that would prohibit reckless attacks in the boxing ring that could endanger a fighter.


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