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Photo: Courtesy of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra

Photo: Courtesy of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra

 A special event featuring flash nobs of classical music took place in Shanghai’s six landmarks from July 9 to Saturday, as part of the ongoing Music festival in the Summer Air (MISA), which brought immersive and diverse musical experiences to locals.

Invited by the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, three outstanding young musicians showcased a range of classical and crossover music using a violin, flute, and saxophone, at six landmarks in Shanghai including the Xiangyang Park and the Xujiahui Library.

Fan Jiaying, a recent graduate of the Shanghai Orchestra Academy who played the flute, told the Global Times that they adjusted the repertoire based on the performance venue. 

“For example, we played an adapted version of Chopin’s ‘Nocturne’ last week at Xiangyang Park. 

As it was an outdoor public space, we had to put more efforts into making sure the audience could hear the music clearly while also embracing the background sounds of cicadas, creating a true summertime atmosphere,” she said. 

Zhou Ping, president of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, said, “The MISA is a classical party dedicated to this city, and we hope that every resident and visitor can thoroughly enjoy the pleasure and emotion brought by the classical repertoires.”

Simultaneously, an innovative city walk took place on Saturday at the Hengfu historical and cultural area, with 30 members embarking on a summer night walk accompanied by the staff of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra. 

The tour started from the Jaguar Shanghai Symphony Hall. 

This route traversed the cultural area, featuring iconic locations such as residences of renowned artists and various theaters.

The MISA festival, founded in 2010, has been a platform for young people who love music to practice boldly and explore freely.

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