Afraid of Kissing Dwayne Johnson, Hollywood Diva’s Bad Breath Revelation Backed Up by Millionaire Kevin Hart


Do you often find yourself lost in the electrifying personality and super muscular physique of the $800 million Dwayne The Rock Johnson? If it’s a yes, your attraction might see a huge jerk after Kevin Hart’s hilarious revelation.

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There is barely any Hollywood fan who doesn’t adore the brotherly bond between buddies Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson. Both actors put on their amazing performances on the silver screen in a handful of movies so far. While their standout collaborative movies like Jumanji: The Next Level, and Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw are an absolute treat to movie maniacs, it is their off-screen pranks that make them unforgettable to the mainstream. However, what Hart had to say about DJ in his latest interview came out as humorous, albeit with a pinch of truth.

Kevin Hart made a hilarious confession about Dwayne Johnson


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The Rock is someone who possesses the very rare innate ability to laugh at himself. His friend cum co-star Hart often takes full advantage of this easy-going nature in several interviews and vice versa. Their public roasting made us laugh to the point of stomach ache. This time Hart, 44, made a gross confession regarding DJ having bad breath.

No matter how cringe it sounds, it’s exactly what Hart meant to say during the recent episode of Big Boy’s Neighborhood podcast. Hart was asked to draw a comparison between Ice Cube and The Rock. In one part, they asked him to whom he would like to gift a mint, a polite way to ask who has the bad breath among them. After pausing a bit, the comedian-actor accused both of the stars of possessing the not-so-posh trait.

In the case of Dj, he noted, ”DJ is heavy in the gym. You know protein shakes, meal preps. Yes, those meal preps be bland, yeah you know, and some of those protein shakes don’t have sugar salt, nothing. Yeah, so bland.”

While Hart’s confession sounds a bit offensively funny, British actor Emily Blunt spilled the tea earlier.

Actress Emily Blunt previously accused DJ of having bad breath

Kissing a co-star in a drunken state sounds intriguing but the reality isn’t as appealing. Actress Emily Blunt and former WWE superstar Dwayne Johnson starred in the movie Jungle Cruise back in 2021 and did a praiseworthy job. Their chemistry shined through the flawless acting throughout the movie.


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But to talk about one intimate scene between the lead actors, Blunt slyly revealed that Dwayne Johnson didn’t smell fresh while kissing her. The Edge of Tomorrow actress also revealed that she had to get intoxicated to perform the kissing scene.

Now we need to see if Johnson retorts to rule out two of his closet co-star’s hilarious claims.


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What’s your take on Kevin Hart making an odd yet funny claim about old buddy Dwayne Johnson? Let us know in the comments.

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