Sam Smith’s ‘Man I Am’ From The ‘Barbie’ Movie Is Out Now


Without giving away any spoilers, the Barbie movie is all about women’s empowerment. But all the Kens need love, too. This is where Sam Smith’s new song “Man I Am,” featured on the Barbie movie soundtrack, comes into play. The track produced by Mark Ronson and Ricky Reed is a rallying cry for all the Kens worldwide. Teeming with gym bro energy, Smith’s song offers a safe space on the dance floor for fist pumping and chest flexing.

As the record opens, Smith states the oath of this newly forged fraternity, singing, “This one is for the boys / With your greased up and heavy metal toys / So beefed up, you can’t get through the door / It’s your time to break through / Bad man to the rescue / Barbie, your time is up / You will not take our voice.”

Smith’s roaring declaration continues in the song’s second verse, in which he belts out, “It’s time you realize / That in this world we’ve all been taught a lie / You think that women rule the world / But, baby, where I’ve been / All the things I’ve seen / This Ken has crossed the borderline.”

Listen to the “Man I Am” above.

Barbie is in theaters now.

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