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BTS’ J-Hope revealed that he’s prepping a new collection of music to complement a forthcoming documentary that highlights his love of dancing.

J-Hope revealed some of the details on Suchwita, the online interview show hosted by his bandmate Suga. Based on his description of the upcoming doc, it seems like it’ll be an extension of his old street dancing video series, Hope on the Street. The new documentary will use that same name, with J-Hope saying, “It’ll be about my dancing and my story. I think content regarding dance, which is where my roots are, is starting.” (J-Hope also tied the series to his recent single with J. Cole, “On the Street.”)

J-Hope went on to suggest that the project — set to arrive in 2024 — will highlight different street dancers around the world. “If you really dig into it, there are so many talented people, and it’s a huge market. So, as I experienced that personally, although I didn’t go to a lot of cities, I traveled around the world and filmed with a lot of amazing dancers… It’s literally like it’s name, Hope On the Street — it’s just J-Hope dancing on the street.” 

After Suga asked whether an original soundtrack album would accompany the doc, J-Hope confirmed it would, saying the project would feature six songs. “It’s just really light music this time, songs you can dance to,” J-Hope said. “It’s fun. For me, music is the most fun.” (J-Hope said all this while Suga jokingly sighed and quipped, “Why is everyone working so hard?”)


While Hope on the Street may still be months away, J-Hope is set to celebrate the one-year anniversary of his debut solo album, Jack in the Box, with a special reissue next month. The HOPE Edition of the LP will feature three live recordings from J-Hope’s set at Lollapalooza last year, plus two instrumentals. 

While J-Hope has plenty of projects on the horizon, he does still need to complete his mandatory military service. J-Hope became the second member of BTS to enlist in the South Korean military earlier this year; all seven members of the group are expected to complete their service over the next few years. In the interim, BTS will go on hiatus while the individual members explore other endeavors and solo projects.

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