Kevin Hart Expands His Wellness Empire By Partnering With Walmart


Kevin Hart Expands His Wellness Empire By Partnering With Walmart

The multihyphenate performer and businessman Kevin Hart recently announced his premium nutritional wellness brand VitaHustle® is launching nationwide at Walmart. With a commitment to making high-quality nutrition accessible to all, VitaHustle offers a range of clean products to simplify healthy living. From superfood proteins and greens to hydration electrolytes and vitamins, VitaHustle provides convenient and delicious solutions to fuel people’s hustle and enhance everyday performance.

“Health and wellness is something that I’m very passionate about, and I was taking too many supplements and drinks that didn’t really work for me. So I thought, why not align myself with the smartest people who understand this emerging wellness space? And that’s when I got together with Ron, top scientists and formulators, and we started VitaHustle,” Hart said. 

He continued, “What started out for myself, quickly grew into a brand that captivated the entire wellness community. And now I am able to use VitaHustle as a tool and a platform to inspire and motivate others to be the best, healthiest version of themselves.”

VitaHustle’s product lineup, including VitaHustle ONE Superfood Protein, ONE Superfood Greens, Electrolyte Hydration drink mixes, and Gummy vitamins, can now be shopped exclusively in the vitamin aisle at Walmart stores and on Walmart.com.

Kevin Hart Expands His Wellness Empire By Partnering With Walmart

Hart’s collaboration with Walmart allows VitaHustle to reach a broader audience and make a positive, healthy impact on the lives of individuals and families across the country. VitaHustle shares Walmart’s goal to make wellness more accessible, making the collaboration a perfect fit.

“VitaHustle is all about fueling your hustle and making the most out of every single day,” said Kevin Hart, the founder and driving force behind VitaHustle. “I created VitaHustle to activate everyone’s best. We’re bringing affordable nutrition, simplicity, and deliciousness to the nation. Walmart and Hart are coming to your town with VitaHustle.”

 With a focus on clean, plant-based ingredients, VitaHustle’s products supports nutrition without compromising on flavor. VitaHustle ONE Superfood Protein and ONE Superfood Greens provide convenient and nutrient-rich shake solutions for those seeking a protein boost and essential greens. The Electrolyte Hydration drink mixes come in convenient to-go packets that help replenish electrolytes and promote optimal hydration, making it the perfect choice for active individuals. And for those interested in healthy treats, VitaHustle’s Gummy Vitamins deliver functional benefits in a popular format.

“We are thrilled to work with Kevin and bring VitaHustle to Walmart,” said Vinima Shekhar, Vice President of Merchandising, Wellness for Walmart. “At Walmart, we’re committed to providing high-quality wellness products to our customers while maintaining the everyday low prices they rely on. Together with VitaHustle, we will empower our customers to explore products that elevate their wellness routines to save money and live better.”VitaHustle products are now available in Walmart stores nationwide and on Walmart.com, with prices ranging from $11.98 to $24.98.

For more information about VitaHustle and its range of products, follow the brand @getvitahustle and visit Walmart’s vitamin and supplements aisle.

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