Sam Smith Revealed as Final ‘Barbie’ Soundtrack Artist


Smith in their gorgeously pink ensemble for the music video "I

Barbie, Barbie, Barbie. As the release date for Barbenheimer slowly approaches, we get a new dose of bubblegum-pink Barbie news every single day, which has decidedly uplifted the spirits of everyone on the internet. And now, one little mystery set out by the producers has finally been revealed!

For the last two weeks, the Barbie soundtrack has been the subject of great curiosity, as it’s filled to the brim with modern talents (including just Ken), including two “Unknown” artists. After Billie Eilish was revealed to be one of them, we were still left wondering, after all this fanfare: who the hell could the last person be??

Lo and behold, it’s none other than Sam Smith!

Admittedly, I’m not super familiar with Smith’s work, but from what little I’ve seen, I think this was an expert choice. While Smith doesn’t have the same level of notoriety as other artists people were hoping for—such as Beyoncé or Lady Gaga—they have a very clever, cheeky, and delightfully pink sensibility to their work. Plus, every song I’ve heard from them is incredibly danceable and full of fun, powerful energy. So this is a pick I can fully get behind!

My main point of reference is, of course, their SNL performance, which had me gagged as an uninitiated fan:

Moreover, the fact that Smith’s energy will specifically be directed toward portraying Ken??? Oh my god. I can’t wait to see it in context, because thus far, I can’t really wrap my head around Ryan Gosling’s Ken as a sexual being whatsoever. He’s like that meme of a himbo who doesn’t know what sex is, yet somehow also has sex. If that makes sense.

Who else would you have loved to see on the Barbie soundtrack? Let us know in the comments!

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