Kevin Hart once again pokes fun at himself with viral photo with Stephen Curry’s ‘protegee’ Cameron Brink


Kevin Hart recently gained widespread attention over the weekend due to a hilarious photo where he posed with Stanford’s Cameron Brink. It has to be noted that the All-American player stands tall at 6-foot-4, while Hart is considerably shorter.

At 21 years old, Brink is about to begin her senior year in college and has already achieved remarkable success, including being an NCAA champion, a two-time All-American, Defensive Player of the Year, and Pac-12 Co-Player of the Year.

Given her impressive accomplishments, one might wonder who was more excited to meet the other between Hart and Brink.

VIDEO – Kevin Hart did not know his wife was recording

Kevin Hart did not know his wife was recordingMarca English

As for Hart, he has always been comfortable making jokes about his own height. In the past, he even took part in a more comical picture with Joel Embiid.

In January, the Philadelphia Eagles faced off against the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL conference championships, with the winner earning a spot in the Super Bowl.

Several well-known local figures attended the crucial game, including the Philadelphia 76ers star and Kevin Hart, who hails from Philadelphia.

A photo capturing their friendship circulated online, highlighting the amusing contrast in their heights and Embiid couldn’t resist teasing Hart by noting that this was a “Father and Son” watching a game.

Meanwhile, Brink’s narrative intertwines with Curry’s through an extraordinary friendship that has lasted for generations.

The story began 40 years ago when Sonya Adams, Curry’s mother, established a lifelong connection with Michele Bain, Cameron Brink’s mother, while they were attending Virginia Tech.

This strong bond of friendship has extended to their children, with Curry achieving record-breaking success as a three-point shooter in the NBA, while Brink has emerged as one of the most promising talents in the NCAA.

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