“Imagine Wembanyama Standing Next to Kevin Hart”: Stephen Curry’s 6’4 God Sister Next to 5’2 $450 Million Worth Comedian Sends Fans into a Frenzy


At 7’4″ Victor Wembanyama stands among the tallest NBA players in the history of the franchise. But recently, another player, Tacko Fall stood out in the league for his elevation at 7’6. He remained undrafted from the 2019 draft class but soon got signed by Boston Celtics. In 2021, Fall got traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers where he remained until 2022 before moving to China in the same year. Coming across these NBA players is common for Kevin Hart. But, this time around, it wasn’t any of them who amazed Hart. It was someone else!

Stephen Curry‘s 6’4″ god sister’s took to Instagram to share a picture with the $450M worth of comedian. And for obvious reasons, fans can’t contain themselves, making the image viral!

Who is Stephen Curry’s godsister?


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2021 NCAA champion, Cameron Brink, was born in Princeton, New Jersey. Her parents Greg Brink and Michelle Bain-Brink are great friends with Stephen Curry’s family. As Brink’s godmother is Sonya Curry, the 4x NBA champion’s mother. While Brink’s mother and Sonya were roommates at Virginia Tech, her father played basketball alongside Stephen’s father, Dell Curry.

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Brink spent three years in Amsterdam owing to her parents’ jobs at Nike. She returned to the States when she was in sixth grade. Brink was initially uninterested in basketball and favored painting. But she began playing basketball at the age of ten in Amsterdam and joined a club in Oregon a year later. Currently, she represents Stanford Universities’ Stanford Cardinal women’s basketball team, winning the NCAA championship in 2021.

Just an hour ago (while writing the article) Cameron shared Bleacher Report’s post of herself with the comedian, Kevin Hart. The story and the post by Bleacher Report are going viral. Cameron captions the story, “Ya’ll are so out of pocket, I’m dead.”

On the other hand, Bleacher Report captioned their post “S/o to all the short kings 🤣🙌”

For obvious reasons, the image is getting a lot of traction from fans.

Fans react to the unreal height difference

Kevin Hart needs no introduction. The famous stand-up comedian known for his comic timing standing next to NBA players can never not be funny! On many occasions, fans crack up instantly. His sitting on the Late Night show next to Shaquille O’Neal, hiding in the giant’s shadow, was hilarious too!

And today, standing next to Curry’s god sister is bringing out similar emotions from fans. Some fans couldn’t stop themselves from bringing the 2023 #1 draft pick Victor Wembanyama to the conversation.

One fan said, “Just imagine Wembanyana standing next to Kevin Hart.”

Another fan writes, “I like my women like sunflowers. Tall and blonde.” The hilarious comment is a direct jab at Hart since his wife is also taller than him.


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A fan wrote, “Looks like a proud father”, comparing Cameron to the young and tall daughter here!

One fan went further to catch Hart’s alleged lies. He wrote, “I’m convinced bro ain’t 5’4 like he said he was 😂😂😂 he gotta be like 5’1.”

There were fans who seemed to motivate Kevin. A fan writes, “I’d climb that tree too Kev.”


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