“I have created my own fan base in folk and classical music,” says Om Sunar

Mr. Om Sunar, a renowned Nepali singer, is known for his
exceptional talent and outstanding contributions to the music industry. Permenent
resident in Lamki Chuha-01 Kailali, Nepal, Mr. Sunar embarked on his musical
journey over fifteen years ago, captivating audiences with his soulful voice
and versatile singing abilities.Throughout his career, Mr. Sunar has given
voice to numerous hit albums and feature film songs, earning him accolades and
recognition both nationally and internationally. His efforts to promote Nepali
art, culture, tradition, and language through music have been widely
appreciated, resulting in the receipt of several esteemed awards, including the
PIM Nepal Film Festival 2020- Best Singer Male , Sagarmatha Music Award 2022  – Best Folk Pop Singer  , Himalayan International Awards 2023- Bet
Pop Singer, Natyashwor Music Award 2023 Best Folk Pop Singer   etc.

Specializing in the folk and classical genres, Mr. Sunar has
created a plethora of musical masterpieces that have resonated with Nepalese
audiences and the diaspora across the globe. “I have dedicated my life to
the art of folk and classical singing, and I am proud to say that my
contributions in these genres have been significant,” asserts Om Sunar, a
highly acclaimed Nepali singer. With unwavering passion and a deep
understanding of the rich musical traditions, I have endeavored to bring these
genres to new heights and captivate audiences with my soulful renditions. His
upright career graph and status as the highest-earning singer in the industry
are a testament to his exceptional talent and dedication. He has also judged
numerous awards and singing competition. Beyond his musical endeavors, Mr.
Sunar actively engages in social initiatives. As the President of the Music
Research Development Forum Nepal, he tirelessly contributes to the welfare and
development of music workers, raising the standards of the Nepali music

With a vast discography comprising more than 250 songs across
various genres, his music has been widely acclaimed and embraced by listeners
worldwide. His hit songs, including Chandrama Jhain Ramri, Aamaile Bhanthe,
Bariko Patama, Supari Kancho, Lahure Sipahi Dai, Timi Bina, Darling, Yo Maya Yo
Maya, Dalli, Oe Beauty, Sagar Mathi, Ae Maya, Kauso Laisakyo, Nyano Lagchha,
Salam Chha, Timro Mitho Baatma, Raijhuma, Timrai Jhalko, Columbus Ki Kanchhi,
Phool Bhanda, Timro Kasam, Kahile Pani Na Oiline, We Love You Shambhu, Adhuro
Chhu Ma Timi Bina, Yo Man, Ekantama Pagal Sari, Yeti Komal Mutu Mero, Maya Ma,
Dashai Tihar Aayo, Sajayeko Thiye Timilai, Sarara Maya Sarara, Mahasus and
Timro Maya etc. to name few continue to leave a lasting impact on audiences. As
a member of numerous music-related organizations, Mr. Sunar actively
contributes to the betterment of the music community. He has made significant
contributions to the world of music and society as a whole, touching the hearts
of countless individuals with his remarkable talent.  His musical journey serves as an inspiration
to aspiring musicians, embodying the power of passion, dedication, and
artistry. With his groundbreaking contributions to the Nepali music industry,
he has emerged as a true icon and continues to leave an indelible mark on the
hearts of listeners worldwide.


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