‘AGT’ Fans Lost It Seeing Sofia Vergara Hilariously Troll Kevin Hart on TikTok


Sofía Vergara and Kevin Hart are both staples in Hollywood for their knack of delivering epic jokes in movies and TV shows. But they often bring their comedy into real-life moments, as Sofía did when she teased Kevin about an earlier time in their careers.

The America’s Got Talent judge appeared on a season 3 episode of Kevin’s show Hart to Heart, during which the duo talked about the roads they took to make it in the entertainment industry. At one point in the conversation, Kevin brought up the 2004 film Soul Plane that they both starred in and he said it changed the trajectory of his acting work. Not one to pass up on a good laugh, Sofía couldn’t help but troll him about his looks from way back when.

“I didn’t even know who you were until I saw the movie, and I was like, ‘My God, this guy is amazing,'” she said in a clip. “You were so much more handsome at the time, remember? Younger, fresher. But you’re doing great now.”

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As Kevin looked incredulous over the comment Sofía made, he stumbled over his words before calling the Modern Family alum out for making him think she was about to shower him with praise.

‘Hart to Heart’

'Hart to Heart'

“Yeah, no, yeah, absolutely,” he replied. “It was weird … I thought you were going like in the space of a compliment. And then it said ‘woo’ — just went down.”

After Sofía quipped back that she did pay him a compliment, Kevin chose to take pause on the topic by saying, “Yeah, well, until you said it like … That was when I was younger.”

“Well, I’m not lying,” Sofía concluded. “It’s a fact. You were younger 20 years ago? Yes.”

When fans saw the two’s hilarious rapport in a video uploaded on Peacock’s TikTok, they couldn’t stop laughing over the exchange.

“She’s amazing, doing this with an absolute straight face 😂,” one person wrote in the comments. “His facial expression [is] priceless 😂😂,” another agreed. “OMG that was hysterical! A compliment hidden with darkness 😂😂😂,” a different viewer added.

Well, we’re always up for a good laugh, especially when it’s Sofía and Kevin causing the chuckles!

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