Charli XCX releases new song from ‘Barbie’ soundtrack


Charli XCX releases new song from ‘Barbie’ soundtrack

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The new Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling-starring movie, Barbie, is set for release on July 21st. While the official soundtrack will be released on the same day, Charli XCX has given us a taste of things to come with the new single ‘Speed Drive’. The track will join a collection of star-studded pop tracks on the soundtrack album, befitting a toy-ridden dimension. 

Other previously released singles previewing the Barbie soundtrack include those from Dua Lipa, PinkPantheress and Nicki Minaj featuring Ice Spice. Charli XCX’s ‘Speed Drive’ channels Toni Basil’s famous hit ‘Mickey’ in its high-paced and danceable chorus. 

“I’d always played with Barbie whilst I was growing up, but my first proper life-changing Barbie experience was when I went on a cruise ship holiday with my parents at the age of 4 (lol),” Charli told fans in an Instagram post last week.

“There was a talent competition on the boat, and I begged my parents to let me enter,” she continued. “They were certain I’d get on stage and crumble, especially as all I wanted to do was sing Aqua’s ‘Barbie Girl’ a capella, on my own, no musical backing track or anything”. 

Adding: “I did my hair in pigtails and wore my favorite tartan skirt and sang the song on a huge empty stage whilst my parents freaked out, getting ready for me to have a total breakdown – but apparently I was fine, I just got up there and sang my little heart out and won the whole thing”.

“I’d always loved the escapism my Barbies provided me with, and it’s kind of a full circle moment to be a part of this soundtrack and movie. So thank you so much, Mark and Greta, for having me.”

Listen to Charlie XCX’s new Barbie single ‘Speed Drive’ below.

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