Finishing touches on the arrival of Kevin Hart


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — On Friday, Kevin Hart will be performing in the City of Dothan.

This week, the City of Dothan has been preparing the Dothan City Civic Center to welcome Kevin Hart, who will be performing two shows at the Civic Center on Friday night.

Preparations are in place. The barricades are out for the lines of attendees, the floor seating has been laid out, and they are getting in the last of supplies.

Acting Performing Director Clay Dempsey reminds people that they will not be able to have their phones, so they will be placed in a Yondr Bag, and the bags that people bring into the Civic Center have to be see-through. Attendees will also be allowed to have a credit card-sized wallet.

He says the city wants to provide a pleasant guest experience and a turnout that is full of excitement.

“Everybody in Dothan needs to be excited. I’m excited,” Dempsey said. “Every department and my team are all going in the same direction to pull this thing off. Let’s take it on as a city, and let’s see what happens. Let’s use this as a jump point two years from now.

Dempsey says there will be lines Friday night, but they are dedicated to getting people to their seats before Kevin Hart hits the stage.

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