21 Amazon Prime membership benefits you might be missing out on!


An Amazon Prime membership is a gateway to so many different things. We’re all on Amazon doing something nowadays, be it browsing for a fantastic deal on some of the best laptops around, or buying some flakey no-brand product late into the evening — compelled by its audaciousness and bold pidgin English claims. That’s probably why so many of us are Amazon Prime members. Because nothing says successful retail therapy quite like free same-day or next-day delivery without even having to put on pants.

But did you know there’s a lot more to an Amazon Prime membership than priority deliveries? In fact, there’s a lot more. So much more. So much more that we’ve decided to write up a list, the most effective and compelling of ways to inform people about new things. Aren’t lists brilliant? I bet you even get a special kind of list with Amazon Prime — I bet it’s at number six or something. In fact, I know it is, I didn’t write this article in chronological order.

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