Kevin Hart’s Tequila Brand Gives $500K To Black And Latinx Businesses –


Kevin Hart teamed up with 11th generation tequila maker Juan Domingo Beckmann back in May to introduce their brand new tequila brand Gran Coramino. The freshly founded venture is making an impact beyond providing libations, as they recently gifted a handful of Black and Latinx entrepreneurs with grants to help their small businesses thrive.

Under the The Coramino Fund, the award-winning comedian and his partners awarded $10,000 to 50 different business owners, totaling $500,000 in award cash. Among the recipients are It’s Nola, a healthy snack company, Black Leaf Vegan, a plant-based café located in Indianapolis, and more. The full list of grantees can be found here.

“[Beckmann] and I always knew we wanted Gran Coramino to have a give-back component focused on providing Black and Latinx entrepreneurs with resources to pursue their small business dreams,” Hart said in a statement. “Teaming up with LISC last year to launch The Coramino Fund in the U.S. was the start of that journey.”

In regards to how the funds were split up, 50 percent of the companies are Black-owned, 36 percent are Latinx-owned, and 14 percent are a combination of both. Additionally, women-owned businesses made up 68 percent.

The Think Like A Man actor previously spoke with VIBE about his exciting new venture. “I’ve always had a love for tequila, and it’s been a fun journey to create Gran Coramino. I knew I wanted to create a tequila with a taste that exceeds expectations and exemplifies how hard work truly tastes different,” he said. 

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