$160M Worth Rapper Reveals That Kevin Hart Owes Him Money Over Friendship With Dwayne Johnson: “He Left Me Behind”


Since the release of Central Intelligence, Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart share a close friendship. They are Hollywood’s favorite duo which the audience always loves to see on the big screen and even off it. Moreover, Hart and The Brahma Bull roasting each other during interviews and media appearances always lights up the internet as fans enjoy their banter. However, this friendship with The Rock has cost the comedian losing a bet to a $160 million worth rapper.


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As per this rapper, Hart lost a bet which was not just a bet but more of a prediction about the comedian’s friendship with the WWE legend.

Kevin Hart lost a bet while becoming a close friend of Dwayne Johnson

Recently, an American rapper Ice Cube appeared on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast. The Maverick filmed this episode before Kevin Hart appeared on his show. He told Cube about the comedian appearing next after he was done on the podcast. The 53-year-old quickly told Paul to tell Hart to pay the money he owes him.

Ice Cube said, “What? That motherf**ker owes me some money….Tell him he owes me a dollar…because I bet him that he was gonna end up being more friends with Rock than me after he did one movie and his groopy a** is over there with The Rock and he left me behind.”

The 53-year-old rapper added, “A dollar, you know rich people only bet a dollar. I mean you saw a trading place. I want him to know wire me a f**king dollar. I don’t to got to back to do some sh*t….I want it all in pennies too.”

Ice Cube and Kevin Hart’s friendship goes way long. Moreover, they have done three movies together which are all Ride Along films. However, the American rapper light heartedly claimed the comedian has forgotten their friendship after becoming friends with The Rock.

Nevertheless, he 10-time WWE world champion and Hart share a unique friendship where they roast each other very much. They have done a fair share of films together which are loved by the fans too.

The Rock and Kevin Hart together on the big screen


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Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart’s duo is one of the loved ones on the big screen. However, until today they have shared the screen in a total of five movies.

The first time we saw the pair was in Central Intelligence in 2016. Following that, in 2017, they were together in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. After that, their next film came in 2019, which was Jumanji: The Next Level. 

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Additionally, in 2019, Hart also made a cameo in DJ’s Hobbs and Shaw film. Moreover, last year they were a part of the animated film DC League of Super Pets. There are a few more movies rumored that will feature them in the future and we hope to see them share the screen soon.


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