Jadakiss & Kevin Hart Clown Rappers For Wearing Too Many Chains


Jadakiss and Kevin Hart had a hilarious exchange about rappers wearing so many chains nowadays, and they even posed the question: how many is too many?

DraftKings’ The Starting Five podcast recently caught up with Kevin Hart to talk all things hoops, culture and his career. A lot of the discussion also centered on the impact fashion has had on the NBA, and how “the tunnel has become a runway.”

In discussing some of the fashion faux pas the comedian has noticed, chains also came up. In Hart’s opinion, this trend has been prevalent even among entertainers outside of sports, particularly rappers.

In a hilarious declaration, Hart said that rappers these days wear so many chains that they can’t even be heard on the phone. An immediate laugh broke out from Jadakiss, who is one of the hosts.

“How many chains is enough?” Hart asked.

He continued: “The real question is are people eating while they have this on? Are we swallowing? Like are we digesting food?”

Hart added that for him, “it’s just a lot of noise. ”

Around the 13:22 minute mark, Jadakiss jokingly chimed in that the noise sounded like someone “washing dishes” or putting silverware away.

“It sound like he doing the dishes,” Jadakiss said. “[Like] he putting the forks back, [or] putting the spoons back in the drawer.”

Jadakiss Recalls Kodak Black Telling Him To Rewrite A Verse

Jadakiss Recalls Kodak Black Telling Him To Rewrite A Verse

In other related news, Swizz Beatz has recently come up with an intriguing idea for Jadakiss regarding his next Verzuz battle.

With the beloved battle series set to return later this year, Swizz spoke to fellow Verzuz visionary Timbaland about what he’d like to see from the upcoming third season — including a return from Jada, who stole the show during The LOX and Dipset‘s battle in August 2021.

Rather than see the Yonkers lyricist take on just one opponent, though, Swizz proposed pitting him against several of his contemporaries at the same time. What’s more, he even suggested the battle should be based on freestyles instead of “hit songs.”

The LOX and Dipset’s epic Verzuz battle took place at Madison Square Garden’s Hulu Theater and was watched online by around 645,000 people at its peak.

Jim Jones recently stated that Jadakiss should have released an album after the contest to capitalize on the moment — a suggestion Jada himself agreed with him.

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