Get Ready for the Summer Soundtrack: Artists’ Favorite Tracks for the Season

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

As the summer approaches, music enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the unofficial song that will capture the essence of the season.


Each year brings a standout track, from timeless classics like Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” to the Lionesses’ revival of Gala Rizzatto’s “Freed From Desire” at the Euros.

With 2023 in full swing, leading figures in the music industry share the tunes they’ll be blasting all summer long.

Arlo Parks: Boygenius – True Blue

For Arlo Parks, summer is synonymous with vibrancy and freedom.

She selects Boygenius’ “True Blue,” a tender song that evokes nostalgia and melancholy.

Parks reminisces about driving with her friends to her favorite beach, her dog’s head joyfully out the window, and the exhilarating sensation of the world being reborn.


The Blessed Madonna: HAAi – Always Ascending

The Blessed Madonna highlights HAAi’s “Always Ascending” as her summer anthem.

Produced by Jon Hopkins and featuring Kam Bu on vocals, the track is a thrilling addition to HAAi’s remarkable discography.

With anticipation building for its official release, The Blessed Madonna is excited to include it in her upcoming summer tour, appreciating the talent and brilliance of Teneil Throssell.

Romy: yuné pinku – Night Light

Romy seeks a summer anthem that exudes euphoria, momentum, and a driving rhythm.

She finds all of these elements in yuné pinku’s “Night Light,” a track that radiates warmth and lightness.

Although the weather may not align with the summer vibe just yet, Romy imagines playing this uplifting song with friends in the garden, transporting herself to a place of joy and anticipation.


Hot Chip & Joe Goddard: KAYTRAMINÉ – 4EVA (feat. Pharrell Williams)

Hot Chip and Joe Goddard opt for the infectious and funky “4EVA” by KAYTRAMINÉ, featuring Pharrell Williams.

The song’s supercharged energy, killer hooks, and Brazilian-influenced drums make it a perfect summer anthem.

The collaboration between Amine and Pharrell, with its catchy chorus and upbeat tempo, guarantees a hit that will resonate with listeners throughout the season.

Róisín Murphy: Eli Escobar – Do It Now

Róisín Murphy’s pick, “Do It Now” by Eli Escobar, takes a different direction.

While not necessarily a warm summer vibe, the track’s dark, intense, and sexually charged atmosphere resonates with the anticipation of a potentially heated and fractious summer.

Murphy acknowledges Eli Escobar’s ability to deliver a diverse range of sound, highlighting his exploration of edgy, funky-electro elements in this particular track.


Dagny: Mimi Webb – Red Flags

Dagny embraces the pop addiction within her and selects Mimi Webb’s “Red Flags” as her summer banger.

This super-hooky tune with an uptempo chorus resonates with its relatable lyrics, capturing the inevitable heartbreak that follows when one ignores warning signs. Dagny appreciates the song’s ability to connect with listeners and the way it combines catchy melodies with a theme that many can relate to.

Overmono: Blawan – Toast

Overmono finds the sound of the summer in Blawan’s “Toast.”

With its crisp synths and cool breeze-like quality, the track immediately captivated them.

Blawan’s talent for creating music that envelops and melts over the listener is evident in “Toast.”

Its refreshing energy and atmospheric elements make it a perfect addition to the warmer months, providing a sense of relaxation and enjoyment.


Nova Twins: SZA – Kill Bill Ft. Doja Cat (Remix)

Nova Twins hail SZA’s “Kill Bill” featuring Doja Cat (Remix) as their summer anthem.

They admire SZA’s unique vocal tone and how she contrasts the sweet melodies against the song’s concept.

The infectious chorus becomes an earworm that’s impossible to resist.

With Doja Cat’s involvement in the remix, Nova Twins celebrate her style and have always dreamed of collaborating with her.

Tom Rasmussen: Róisín Murphy – CooCool

Tom Rasmussen firmly believes that Róisín Murphy’s “CooCool” embodies the sound of the summer.

Recognizing Murphy as the mother of music with impeccable taste, Rasmussen eagerly anticipates dancing to this track at the Mighty Hoopla festival.


While Róisín Machine, Murphy’s 2020 album, offered a dark and sexy dance party, “CooCool” presents a chic, cliff-side relaxation experience.

Rasmussen expects a delightful time with white dresses and a marabou trim.

Nell Mescal: The Japanese House – Boyhood

According to Nell Mescal, The Japanese House’s “Boyhood” is undoubtedly a summer banger.

The song’s insane melodies, exhilarating build-up, and chorus evoke a desire to run around in the sun-filled fields.

However, Mescal also acknowledges the existential aspect of the lyrics, adding a touch of complexity to the perfect summer vibe.

Mescal also gives an honorable mention to Caroline Polachek’s “Welcome To My Island” (Charli XCX remix) for its undeniable summer appeal.

Lambrini Girls, Phoebe Lunny: Comfort – Billionaire Potential


While tempted to select Crazy Frog’s “Axel F,” Lambrini Girls ultimately chooses Comfort’s “Billionaire Potential” as their summer anthem.

They admire Comfort’s unapologetically queer and fantastic style, and appreciate how the song delves into capitalism and society’s navigation within it.

With a flawless execution, “Billionaire Potential” resonates with Lambrini Girls, capturing the spirit of the summer while addressing profound themes.

Black Honey, Izzy Bee Phillips: Lambrini Girls – Lads Lads Lads

Black Honey draws inspiration from Lambrini Girls’ “Lads Lads Lads” as a standout summer track.

They appreciate the band’s vintage sound that reflects British girl culture through an Australian lens. “Lads Lads Lads” combines a hilarious approach, featuring a cock-rock style riff, with a keen critique of lad culture.

Black Honey admires the band’s refreshing and accurate portrayal, making the song a perfect addition to their summer playlist.

Rose Gray: Shygirl – Heaven ft. Tinashe


Rose Gray selects Shygirl’s “Heaven” featuring Tinashe as her ultimate summer anthem.

The power of radio during the summer is undeniable, and Gray recognizes the impact of hearing songs on repeat.

“Heaven” from Shygirl’s remix album, Nymph_o, strikes a perfect balance between electronic and classical elements, with beautiful string arrangements.

Gray finds the song mesmerizing and looks forward to experiencing its perfect blend of genres and captivating melodies during the summer.

Confidence Man: Robert Doherty & Foley – Let the Bass

Confidence Man brings a cheeky and fun vibe to their summer anthem choice with Robert Doherty & Foley’s “Let the Bass.”

The song’s infectious nature and a breakdown that can ignite a baseball stadium create the ultimate recipe for a party success.

Confidence Man has been incorporating the track into their DJ sets, witnessing firsthand how it gets the crowd pumped up effortlessly.


With its big and trashy sound, “Let the Bass” is set to make a statement this summer.


As summer approaches, music enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the unveiling of the unofficial song of the season.

From Arlo Parks to Confidence Man, these artists and music experts share their picks for the tracks that will define the summer of 2023.

Each selection offers a unique sound and vibe, from tender and nostalgic tunes to funky and infectious rhythms.

With these recommendations, music lovers have a diverse range of songs to enjoy as they embrace the warmth and excitement of the summer months ahead.

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