“The King of Taste”: UFC Fighter-Turned Blogger Receives “Insane” Response From Kevin Hart After He “Passed” the Test

Kevin Hart already has the hearts of fans for the actor and comedian he is. Often, celebrities go into some side business even though they are among the best in their main field. ‘The Upside’ actor is also the owner of a vegan food chain. He launched a new vegan fast-food restaurant last year and called it ‘Hart House.’ Hart opened the first restaurant in Los Angeles. His new venture aims at providing the public with vegan fast foods. The actor offers alternatives to fast food that the public loves. His restaurant offered plant-based sandwiches, burgers, and nuggets.

At the moment, there is no better person to comment on the food at Hart House than the MMA fighter turned food blogger, Keith Lee. Before becoming one of the most famous food bloggers, Lee was an MMA fighter who retired from the sport with a record of 8 victories and 5 losses. He is also the brother of the famous MMA fighter Kevin Lee, who has now re-signed to join the UFC. After having the food from Hart House, Keith Lee showed the green signal, and this made Kevin Hart the happiest.

Fans react to Kevin Hart thanking Keith Lee


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In a recent Instagram video uploaded by Keith Lee, the ‘Central Intelligence’ actor Kevin Hart was seen thanking the food blogger for giving honest reviews about the food at Hart Chain. In the video, Hart said, “He [Keith Lee] came down. I crossed my fingers and closed my eyes. I didn’t even want to be here. They told me you was tasting. I said I don’t wanna be here while he’s tasting because I wanted a real reaction and the fact you gave us an amazing review.

He further thanked Lee for his great reaction after having the food from Hart House. He added, “I’m so thankful. I’m so happy. And more importantly, that’s how much I respect what you do. I value the things you’ve been doing and the response people have been giving you is well deserved. So May people follow your tastebuds to heaven brother. I am bowing down to a man that’s positioning himself as the new king of taste for you. I love it for your family. Thank God that I passed. ” After listening to Hart, Lee replied, “God is amazing, the price went up.” Fans came across the video and were quick to react.

Check out how fans reacted to the video of Hart thanking Lee.

One of the fans talked about the “price.”

“Yesterday’s price is not today’s price!!!”

Another fan loved the video because it made him smile.

“Love this for you!!! You gave us the WEALTHY MAN’s laugh!”

After the association between Kevin Hart and Keith Lee, a fan felt that the price went up.

“The price went way way way up though”

 One of the fans commented that he was so proud of the growth of Lee.

“Super proud of you dude. This is insane”

Another Instagram user was a fan of Lee’s videos. He thanked the blogger for his honesty.

“Out here! Thanks for pulling up with a smile, honesty, and an open mind for new food!”


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One of the fans called Lee “The King of Taste!!!”

One fan pointed out how Hart promoted Lee.

“Kev made Keith tall”


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From the reactions of fans, it is clear that they were super happy to see Kevin Hart and Keith Lee together.

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