Superbooth 2023: Silhouette – Optical Soundtrack Synthesizer

Superbooth 2023: Silhouette – Optical Soundtrack Synthesizer

The visual synth can turn pictures or video into sound and back again      13/05/23

At Superbooth 2023, Sonicstate spoke to Pit from Silhouette about their eponymous synthesizer. Silhouette transforms grayscale data from your hand movements in front of the camera directly into audio waveforms. The blue rectangle represents the area where the grayscale data is sampled and transformed into audio. By changing the area and modulating the visual, interesting sounds and loops can be created. One unique feature of Silhouette is that it can load picture files to create interesting audio effects.

This year, Silhouette has a new feature that allows audio samples to be translated into visuals, which can then be used as a source for audio. Pit demonstrated this by sampling his old Korg MS20 audio and translating it into a visual file, which he then used to create new waveforms. Although the translation is not one-to-one, the errors that occur during translation serve as a source for creativity. Pit plans to implement this feature into the Silhouette synthesizer and close the circle from visual to audio and back.

Silhouette Visual Synthesizer Price: 3,900 Euros




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