NFL QBs Josh Allen, Jared Goff to Legend Swimmer Michael Phelps Support Aaron Rodgers’ Firm With a Nine-Figure Investment That Seeks Advice From Kevin Hart’s Venture


Aaron Rodgers is teaming up with Josh Allen and Jared Goff. The notion does not make sense to the avid NFL fans, and they would be right. It is not the on-field matchup but something that they are doing off-field, which has brought them together. Three elite QBs teaming up would be unprecedented in modern-day sports, let alone the NFL, but that is exactly what’s happening.

Rodgers’ private equity firm, RX3 Growth Partners, has just finished its second consumer-focused growth equity fund, and the results have been mind-boggling. Josh Allen and Jared Goff aren’t the only notable names as Michael Phelps is also equally involved, along with several other notable celebrities. With Rodgers at the helm, Rx3 has continued its ascend, roping in others for the ride.

Another addition to Aaron Rodgers’ body of work


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On the football field, Rodgers is known for orchestrating the offense, making immaculate calls, and leaving defenses flabbergasted. Off the field, Rodgers is busy expanding his wings as a business aficionado. Back in 2018, Aaron Rodgers, along with wealth managers Nate Raabe and Byron Roth, started an equity firm capable of taking the world by storm.

Sensing the opportunity around them many rallied around the cause including Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen, Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff, retired swimmer Michael Phelps and celebrities including Christina Aguilera, Josh Duhamel, Machine Gun Kelly, and Vanessa Hudgens as investors. The equity firm has just rounded off its second consumer-focused growth equity fund, amassing $150 million in the process.

Speaking on the growth outreach, Raabe, one of the co-founders, said, “This has been a very interesting time for fundraising for both funds and private companies, founders are excited to have us, as we provide access, value and credibility“.

Additionally, given Rodgers’ move to New York, the company is looking to expand its network and open up an office in New York as well. While the plethora of celebrity investors is enough to provide credibility, the team has a closely knit advisory group and well no surprises-another famous personality is an integral part of it.


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Kevin Hart with the brains

Aaron Rodgers and Kevin Hart don’t share a lot in common, but they both have a special bond with Nate Raabe and Byron Roth. Along with Hart, Raabe, and Roth are also the co-founders Hartbeat Ventures, a primary advisor for RX3.

The goal for RX3 is to team up with companies well-positioned to benefit from the brand-oriented growth drive they have been undertaking, and Hartbeat Ventures is a primary candidate for that. Just like Rodgers going to the Jets has bolstered their season tickets beyond comprehension, similarly, RX3 has benefitted from being linked to Kevin Hart and the well-reputed business he has in place.


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As more celebs continue joining the cause, RX3 continues establishing its dominance in the market. And just like his NFL career, Aaron Rodgers is not done yet.

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