“Thalia’s Mixtape: The Soundtrack Of My Life”: On Which Platform Can You Watch The Series About The Singer?


“Thalia’s Mixtape: the soundtrack of my life” is a documentary series about the life of Thalía, a Mexican singer and actress whose real name is Ariadna Thalía Sodi Miranda. The production offers a variety of interviews with artists who have worked with the singer at some point.

“Four years ago, the idea and concept of the mixtape of my life was born in my mind and in my heart. My new album and docuseries take a look at the songs that shaped my path and shaped my destiny. I share with my lifelong idols, the artists behind these legendary songs that marked entire generations with their music. In this project and as an absolute fan of these great artists, I have the honor of performing these musical gems with them. It is an incomparable gift”comment Thalia.

Through the series, the artist hopes that her followers can learn more about the music that inspires her and that has influenced her albums and music in general in some way. Below we will tell you how you can see this project where the singer also fulfills the role of executive producer.

The series is available from May 2 on Paramount Plus. In “Thalia’s Mixtape: the soundtrack of my life”, users of the platform will also be able to learn more about the rock classics in Spanish.

The series about the Mexican singer is on Paramount Plus, a platform that costs S/14.90 per month, the platform can be used on 3 simultaneous devices (game consoles, Smart TV, cell phones, Tablets, iPad, iPhone, laptops and Mac.

The production has three chapters, which also have the participation of artists such as Charly Alberti, Rocco Pachukote, Bruses, Ben Carrillo among others.

  • Chapter 1: “Vinyls, cassettes and rock in Spanish” – Thalía meets Charly Alberti and Rocco Pachukote and performs her classic hit songs with them.
  • Episode 2: “Burning Tires and CDs” – Thalía reunites with David Summers and Kenia Os and performs classic Latin rock anthems with them.
  • Chapter 3: “From Mixtapes to Playlists: The Digital Revolution” – Thalia performs “La Muralla Verde” by Enanitos Verdes with Bruses and Ben Carrillo. She then covers “Florecita Rockera” by Aterciopelados with Leon Leiden.

Thalía is a singer and actress who started her career in the world of acting and music very young, so in this series she tells more about her experience, while interviewing other artists.

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