“Wait, What?”: Conor McGregor Left Dumbstruck by “Wicked” Kevin Hart in Viral Tweet

Conor McGregor has been the center of attention for a long time and refuses to ever step down from the throne. The Irish warrior has not only caught the attention of the fans and fellow fighters but also personalities from Hollywood. 

Recently, a Netflix poster where Kevin Hart, the famed comedian, and actor, was starring as the ‘Mystic Mac’ has gone viral. Arguably, the poster was meant to be a parody. It was shared by Tam Khan on Twitter. Unquestionably, the post caught McGregor’s eyes, who was left dumbstruck. He then replied to the Tweet and tagged Hart to confirm if it was real.

Conor McGregor on Kevin Hart’s parody


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Recently, Tam Khan, a pioneer of mixed martial arts in the United Arab Emirates shared a Tweet of a movie poster. The poster had a picture of Hart portrayed as McGregor and it was branded to be released on the popular online streaming application, Netflix. The movie was titled, THE NOTORIOUS MCGREGOR, followed by the words, “KEVIN HART AS CONOR MCGREGOR”.

Khan captioned the post, “Cannot wait. Going to be a wicked movie.” Without much delay, the Tweet caught the attention of the former UFC double champion. The ‘Mystic Mac’ was quick to reply to the post. However, he was apparently dumbfounded by the parody poster. He wrote, “Wait what? @KevinHart4real?” 

The parody poster showed the Irish national flag waving gracefully in the background with Hart staring back at the viewers behind it. The poster also had a picture of the comedian in front of the Irish flag, dressed in a blue suit. Undeniably, the poster, in fact, caught the attention of the entire world of mixed martial arts. The post has unquestionably boomed on social media with every single fan providing opinions about the parody.

Conor McGregor in Hollywood


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‘The Notorious’ has never been out of focus. During the days when he was out of action and away from the arena, he shook hands with the Hollywood star, Jake Gyllenhaal. He was set to star in a remake of the classic movie, Road House

The shoot began in 2021 with a lot of hype building around the release and McGregor’s Hollywood debut. Undeniably, it was supposed to be a great movie. Gyllenhaal declared that the shoot for the movie was officially over in an interview with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show. The movie is tentatively set to be released in 2023. 


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